Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Video Message to the Uncles

Most know that Delaney and Katie are the only grandchildren on both the Kridner and Henderson sides. Also-they have four AMAZING, AWESOME uncles and no aunts (Boooo). Well, the girls have a message for their uncles-who are spread throughout the country (another Boooo). Although there are no hints to get married or to move closer in the video...I hope my Boooo's got that conveyed.

Our Annual Brookfield with The Mackey's Trip

Today we ventured to Brookfield Zoo with Jenny Mackey and her two boys-Chase (4) and Cannon (3). We try doing this every year...each time a fun and challenging experience. We had a great time today-weather was BEAUTIFUL--82 and sunny with a nice breeze. The kids enjoyed the picnic, various animals, the playground, and the car ride. Here are some pics from the day. Delaney and Chase got along VERY well, while Katie and Cannon were typical 3 year olds with minimal interaction. Oh-and the video (which is just about a minute long) is of a polar bear and what he was doing for about 10 minutes-at least! So odd!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Katie's First Dance Recital

Katie will participate/perform in her VERY FIRST ballet recital this June (21st). She's been doing so well in class. She got her 'costume' today (Delaney will get hers at her next class-Tuesday). Katie LOVES it! Here are pics of her in it-sorry they're not the best...for some reason, my flash wasn't working right. Also-below is her dancing to the Ratouille song...she does a lot better in her class and with the other girls. When alone, she tends to forget some sections! No matter-she's still pretty damn cute!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Are you Catholic?...No, I'm just a princess...

On the way to daycare, we drive past a very pretty Catholic church. This morning, Katie sees it and our conversation goes as follows:

"Oh, there's my castle."
"Oh yeah, you live there?"
"Yeah. I live there. That's my castle."
"Oh, so you're Catholic?"
"No, I'm just a princess."

Friday, May 16, 2008

More of Our Zoo Trip

Sharing SO nicely
Kate pointing out there's nothing in this exhibit
I love this picture! Katie took the map out all on her own, and was deciding what to see next. I love it!
Delaney did her own face painting! Good job, Delaney!

Playing together at the Family Zoo-building Katie's "puzzle."

First Zoo Trip of '08

Enjoying the first animals of the day-the camels!
Being all girlie in front of the garden.
Delaney reaching as far as she can to pet the 'rays.
After the Stingray exhibit
Playing at the park after our picnic

We finally had a COMPLETELY free day when the weather was v. I took the girls to the zoo today. The girls really wanted to see the giraffes, elephants, and sting rays. We also took in a few other animals, had a picnic, played at the park, and shared a YUMMY Lemon Chill on a bench in the warm (but not hot) sun. It was just a perfect day! Both girls were pretty wiped out when we left around 1:30, and passed out quickly in the car. Looking forward to our Zoo Trip with the Mackey Boys on the 31st!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Happy Birthday,'s the UGLIEST cake ever!

For Pete's birthday, he was lucky enough to have the day off from work...and spent part of it mowing, another part shopping for home improvement stuff, taking out the dogs, taking and picking up Delaney from school, and putting the girls to bed. Boy-the poor guy NEVER gets a day off! ahhaha Good thing he has this weekend to look forward to...A Cubs game and a night out in the city with the guys. It was supposed to be a surprise, but, of course, I totally ruined that!

The girls truly helped make "Daddy's" birthday cake this year. The looks of it just inspire Pete to eat it that much faster so we don't have to look at it! Quite the ugly cake...but that part is all my fault-not the girls! The girls did a GREAT JOB signing "Happy Birthday" by themselves...wish I had video taped it! Oh-and Pete blew out all the candles with ONE try! Very impressive, honey!

The Hot Tub is Open for the Season!

The girls LOVE the "hot pool" and couldn't wait to get in once the weather was decent enough. Well, we gave in finally-although the weather wasn't the greatest...Didn't matter...they all had a blast. And-gotta say-I was very impressed with our neighbor, Gwen, who watched from the poolside as everyone else enjoyed-without complaining!

Notice the Dads in the background...enjoying their first Summer Shandy of the year! YUM!

Rock Stars!

Does Size Matter?

Riggs has grown quite a bit in the short time we've had him. In fact, he's been with us for about 4 1/2 weeks now. He's gained over 6 lbs in that time, and he is about to surpass Kate in weight. He's been a very good boy...with minimal accidents. He doesnt' go in his crate anymore at all, and he's gone two full nights-all night long-in his crate, not needing to go out. Good Boy, Riggs. He's also listening to "Kennel Up", although at times, Coltrane beats him to the punch...ahahah. They play really well together. Poor Riggs can't keep he just lays in the grass, as if hiding, with his butt in the air...and waits patiently for Coltrane to come near, and then pounces on him! If size matters...Coltrane is going to be in for a rude awakening soon!