Monday, November 24, 2008

A What???

No matter how little it's snowing out (and I mean barely any flurries)....

Delaney: Oh my gosh! It's a blister out here.

Too funny! That girl loves her some snow!!! (now to just get her to use the correct word)

I Hate You...

So, Delaney and Kate have been quite addicted to Mario Party. It's the first thing they want to do in the morning and the last thing to do before bed. Katie always wants to be Peach-the blond princess, and Delaney likes a variety of characters. Lately, Delaney wants to be Peach all the time, and I think it's just because Kate always wants to be her. We've worked out a nice deal that whoever picks Peach, the other picks which game in Mario Party they play. Both are very good about the deal, and both are very good players. Most mini-games Delaney has mastered, but Kate is still practicing. The only problem in playing this, is that the girls get very upset with each other quite often. I have turned off the game several times because of their fights.

Last night, the girls are playing and they get into an arguement. Pete supports Katie, and Delaney gets up to leave the room (out of anger)...

Delaney: Come on, Mom, let's color.
Mom: Delaney, I'm not going to color with you when you're treating Daddy and Katie like this. You need to apologize.
Delaney: FINE! I hate you. I hate you all...except the dogs.

And, she storms out of the family room...while Pete and I just laugh.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Holy Gas Prices, Batman!

Sad that we're conditioned to think that $2.00/gallon is cheap...but that day is obviously here. Thankfully and to me, surprisingly, the gas prices have really dropped since the announcement was made that we are "officially" in a recession. Well, the cheapest place to buy gas near our house is $1.77! Woo-Hoo! AND-Pete filled up his tank with 13 gallons today...for just $15.73!!! That's right...he got gas for about $1.21 a gallon! GO PETE!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Kids' Connection Thanksgiving Feast

The 4-5 year-old class has a Thanksgiving Feast where everyone brings in a dish to share. I helped out in the kitchen and setting things up for Delaney's class, which was fun. The kids made placemats, centerpieces, and set the tables. It was a nice afternoon.

Christmas with Grandpa and Paula

We celebrated Christmas with Grandpa and Paula on Sunday. The girls had a blast. Delaney is loving ping-pong and can make contact very we just need to work on her aim. The dogs had fun playing with and barking at Vander, and playing at the beach on a very cold and windy day. The girls enjoyed playing hide-and-seek with Daddy and Paula...and found some very creative hiding spots. Dinner was, of course, delicious, and the gifts were thoughtful and perfect for the girls! Thank you both for a wonderful Sunday! 24 1/2 Weeks Pregnant with Birl

Some Cute Pics of the Girls

Ready for Show-and-Tell just 2 days after the Circus. I love their dresses. Both girls wanted to bring their Circus Horses to show their friends. Delaney's new fave place to sleep...the floor. Too bad we spent so much money on their new beds! ahahah

Ready for a walk in the rain to school...

Delaney very happy to be in her new, BIG GIRL (booster) seat...and have the freedom of just a seatbelt!

My Birthday Weekend

I had a great birthday weekend. Although I'm posting this quite late...I wanted to share my fab weekend! On Friday it was Halloween, and the weather was beautiful (Halloween pics and story is posted below). A good friend of mine from school, Barb, called me up with excellent news...Bears tickets for Sunday...for FREE! So, Pete and I said 'of course.' Saturday I worked, but then went out with some old college friends (sorority sisters) and had a great time catching up. Sunday Pete and I went to the Bears game with Barb and her friend. WONDERFUL game...a win and gorgeous weather! Then home to cake and gifts from Pete and the girls.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes, cards, and gifts!

Shhh...Don't Tell Uncle Wesley or Leann!

Today's conversation in the car with me and Kate after we passed a store that has wedding dresses in the window...

Katie: "Mommy there was a beautiful white dress in the window. Did you see it?"
Me: "No, was it a wedding dress?"
Katie: "Yes, and it was beautiful. I hope I can wear it one day."
Me: "I'm sure you will."
Katie: "Maybe Leann can wear it."
Me: "Leann?"
Katie: "Yea, when she marries Uncle Wesley."
Me: "Oh, you want Uncle Wesley and Leann to get married?"
Katie: "Yea. I like Leann."
Me: "Then you can call her Aunt Leann."
Katie: "Yea, Aunt Leann and Uncle Wesley."
Me: "I think you should tell Uncle Wesley that you want them to get married and see Leann in the beautiful white wedding dress."
Katie: "No, I can't. It's a secret. Don't tell Uncle Wesley or Leann. I'll tell them when they get married. Uncle Wesley can't know about the dress. But Leann is going to be beautiful, and Uncle Wesley will be so happy."

So-don't tell Uncle Wesley or Leann...because it's a secret!

Sunday, November 9, 2008


We took the girls to the Circus today along with two other families-the Browns and the Dillinghams. Because of the minimal leg room, and the moving of chairs in the beginning, my camera was too far from me throughout the whole program to take any pics. Delaney sat with the girls for a while-Grace and Lauren, then came to sit with me and Griffin for the most of the show. Kate passed out and napped throughout the first half, and part way into the second half. Too funny. Griffin's expressions and attitude throughout the show were great...he really enjoyed the show. Delaney did too, although I think she was much more interested in getting her cotton candy and her snowcone. All in all, we enjoyed the show, but Pete and I both agreed that last year's was better.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Have a Secret...


That's what Pete taught the girls tonight during dinner. It was great. Katie caught on after Pete did it just once. Not sure if I should be proud of her or disappointed...

Election Day

I brought the girls to vote with me today. Both were very excited, and knew who I was voting for. Delaney even asked to wear her Barack Obama shirt, which I thought was smart and cute. But-I think they were confused because after I voted, they both asked when we were going for a ride. I wonder if they thought I said "Let's go boat." Hmmm...

Also-both girls were cheering "Barack Obama" as I was casting my vote. I told them they had to be quiet, so they began to whisper their chants.

I think history might be made today...and I'm glad they were (somewhat) a part of it!

Why I Like Being a Girl

"Because I can marry a boy."
--Delaney Henderson, 11/4/08

Saturday, November 1, 2008


We had such a perfect Halloween! The weather was gorgeous-70 and not a cloud in the sky. Girls were dressed and Trick-Or-Treating with the neighbors by 4pm...and lasted about a half hour or so. We came home and the girls helped hand out candy and played with the neighbors inside and outside. Girls wanted to change into more play-friendly costumes, so Kate became a cheerleader and Delaney became a gymnast. And--since the weather was SO nice, we ordered pizza and ate outside. What a PERFECT Halloween!