Tuesday, March 25, 2008


The Easter Bunny sure was good to the girls this year! Delaney was VERY excited when she saw her "Monster Truck." But-it was Katie that really surprised us. She LOVED driving the thing, although she's definitely NOT the best driver...as she doesn't really move the steering wheel. They had a great time with their two egg hunts, driving their Barbie Jeep, having a nice lunch with their Nana, Grammie, Poppy, and Uncle Wesley. Oh-and the girls are all set for baseball this summer...with new baseball gloves, balls, and t-ball set!

Friday, March 21, 2008

More WI Dells Pics

Wisconsin Dells

As many of you know, we like to take short little vacations to Wisconsin Dells...usually just for one night, and usually twice a year. We've always stayed at The Copa Cabana, and many times we've met Nana there (as it was a nice 1/2 way point between Joliet and MN).

This time we decided to try two nights--a Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday, we met my cousin (soon-to-be-mommy) and her wonderful, gorgeous husband...oh wait, that is NOT describing Jeff...ahahhaha. Anyways...it is also a nice 1/2 way point between Joliet and Kingsford, MI. We stayed at a new (for us) place--The Atlantis. It was nice, but very little-kid oriented. Poor Jeff didn't really get to enjoy much. (SORRY GUYS!!!). On Sunday we took advantage of a great rate at The Wilderness Lodge. This place was AWESOME and incredibly large. I got a ton of exercise walking around everywhere...and having to carry tired Littles! On Sunday we stayed with friends whom we met through Delaney's dance class last year. Delaney has become buddies with Nicole and Anthony...and even had her FIRST sleepover there in December!!!

Sleeping in Mom & Dad's Bed

So, it's become a tradition now in our house that the girls unwind every night with part of a movie. Afterwards, we read them each 2 stories, and then we sing songs before goodnight hugs and kisses. Every once in a while one (or both) will fall asleep. This time, Delaney couldn't stay awake, but Kate played along for me, and pretended to sleep for pictures!

Thursdays for the girls

Thursdays are a busy day for the Henderson Girls...The girls usually climb into bed with me between 6:30-7:30am. We slowly get up and get breakfast, and then before you know it...we're out the door for Katie's ballet and tap class. Delaney is dressed for school and she excitedly gets to bring a lunch with her and eat while Katie is in class. After that we usually stop at a store of some kind to browse and kill about 45 minutes between Katie's class and Delaney's school. After Delaney is at preschool, Kate is just about beyond ready for a nap, and ends up skipping lunch to climb into Mommy/Daddy's bed to fall asleep to "Wizard of Oz." After she gets up, we pick up Delaney and head to Grammie and Poppy's. Daddy is on-call, and I have class from about 4-10:30. They're always in bed, sleeping (at G&P's) by the time I get there. Each girl has their own 'cot' to sleep on, and I get a nice bed...all to myself. For some reason, those cots must not be comfortable enough...because just about every Friday morning...Kate wakes me up around 5:30/6am...gets me out of bed, drags me downstairs...and falls back asleep in her Poppy's chair. The little brat!


Most of you know that last year around this time, Katie was put through a series of tests because of her weight loss between 15 and 18 months. She ended up dropping off the chart (in percentage) on weight. Luckily, all her tests came back negative. She's definitely growing and putting on weight...a whopping 24 lbs at 2 1/2 years old.

Despite her size...she can eat more than a grown man at times. Example-yesterday she had FOUR bowls of cereal, a banana, and an orange--and that was just for breakfast!!! These pics are from a few weeks ago...but it gives you the idea of our LITTLE piggy-Katherine Hayes!


So-I guess I'm just getting super lazy about this website stuff. I haven't updated really since December...Bad me!!!

The girls enjoyed their first egg-dying experience tonight...yes, that's right, Delaney is FOUR and JUST having this experience!!! We boiled 3 dozen eggs today, and dyed the first dozen...just Mom, Dad, Delaney, and Katie. Tomorrow they get to dye another dozen with Nana who is going to visit us for Easter from Iowa. And then they can dye the third dozen on Sunday with Nana, us, Grammie, Poppy, and Uncle Wesley.

So-if anyone is need dire need of hard boiled eggs...let me know! ahahhaah