Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Rowena received a doggie bubble maker for her birthday. It's a little dog that has batteries, and shoots out a bunch at a time. The girls all LOVE it! We've been having a lot of fun with it lately. Here are some pictures of Rowena's first experience with bubbles.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Getting There

Well, I'm three months into my internship, and I have 4 weeks left of this term at school. It's been a pretty decent ride so far, but it's about to get insane, stressful, overwhelming, and a LOT of work. I have a lot due the last week of class, as well as my licensure exam (YIKES).

Part of internship is based on hours. I need 600 total hours, of which 240 have to be client-contact hours. Of those 240 client hours, 122 need to be relational (families, couples, etc.). By the end of this trimester (4/24) if things keep on the same pace, I ought to have almost 200 client hours total, 85 of which will be relational. I'm so excited that my hours are coming along nicely. Now I just really need to focus on getting my "Golden Tape" so I can start the transcription and paper. In the end, I will turn in a huge portfolio that includes just some of my work: transcription, paper, critique, 2 case assessments, hours logs, supervision/evaluation, etc.

I am hoping to turn in my portfolio on July 1st. That means I need to get working on this #1 tape I have plenty of time to transcribe, critique, and write the paper (based on the theory used in the tape). I would like to use July to relax and get ready for my Defense--the last challenge to graduate. Also, in July we have a family reunion in Iowa, and I am presenting at the International Glasser Institute International Conference in Tennessee. I am so honored and excited. I could also become certified in Choice Theory/Reality Therapy at that time, but I would be gone from home for 9 days and it's I will wait. :( Point being, I have a lot going on this summer and I do not want to be stressed out and stuck inside trying to finish up things for my portfolio and defense.

So, here's hoping I am not myself, and do not procrastinate. I'm getting there...

Friday, March 19, 2010

Our Summer Quest

The girls and I have an Official Summer Quest. We have been personally asked by Plainfield Township to visit and play at all the parks in the Plainfield area. There are almost 150 parks. That's right, 150 parks. However, 38 are under development, so we have 102 parks to visit over the summer. Today we decided to begin, although it's not summer, nor officially spring yet. We went to one we have frequented many times and is close to friends (Dillinghams) and family (Grammie and Poppy). We call this the "Red Park" or the "Spiderweb" park. We're pretty excited about our quest/challenge. We even have a little excel spreadsheet to rank the parks. So, if you live in Plainfield Township, watch out...we'll be in your subdivision soon!

This is Parkview Meadows. This park is rated with 3 Stars. It is pretty small, but there are 4 swings--two regular, two baby. There are a lot of slides and some fun hanging and climbing aparatuses. There are a couple picnic tables/benches and shade, which is provided by a pavillion; there are no trees for shade. There is a small retention pond, but there is a fence that kind-of blocks the park from the pond and nasty geese.

Rowena's One Year Check-Up

Rowena finally had her one-year check-up with the doctor this week. We held off to make sure she was through being sick; we wanted to make sure she could get her shots. So, of course, just two days before the appointment, she starts to get a cough and runny nose...AGAIN. However, it's inconsistent, so we were thinking/hoping that it could be contributed to allergies vs. another lung issue. Well, Dr. Paul confirmed that on Wednesday. And, luckily we caught it early enough that she isn't sick (her lungs sound clear) and she was able to get her one-year shots. Woo-Hoo. He's thinking that a lot of her colds and bronchitis the past year were due to allergies getting bad and then settling in her lungs. So, now we're on a three-month maintenance plan with nasonex and singular. Doc assured me that these meds are easier on her/her system than another 10-day round of steroids or antibiotics. She's also (once again) on the breathing treatments again (as needed).

At One Year, Rowe:
  • is walking all over the place
  • is into everything
  • likes to try dog food
  • loves her thumb and blankie
  • weighs 21 lbs, 8 oz (50%)
  • is 29 1/2" tall (45%)
  • has a HUGE head 48 3/4 cm (97%)
  • loves to dance
  • really enjoys music
  • loves her PBK chair
  • loves the swing
  • loves her sippy cup--no matter if it's filled with milk or juice
  • losing interest in eating veggies
  • loves T.V.--especially Mickey Mouse, Dora, Diego, and Blue's Clues

Monday, March 15, 2010

Leann's Bridal Shower

Yesterday we went to Chenoa for Leann's bridal shower. It was small, but fun, and it was nice to see everyone. Delaney and Katie enjoyed helping Leann open gifts and Rowena enjoyed the freedom to walk around everywhere. Leann got some good loot to take home, and Wesley is all ready to use the shop vac and the coffee maker!

Leann with her mother and grandmother The Stiglich side: Rowena, Amy, Marnie, Leann; Patty, Katie, Delaney, Denise
Delaney and Katie with Leann's first present
After a while, the girls became bored and wanted to play their DS'sMe with my new SISTER! :)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Rowena Loves Poppy's Big Chair

Rowena loves her chair, but really likes sitting in the big people furniture. She loves sitting in Poppy's big chair with her blankie in one hand and her thumb in mouth, and is getting really good at making the chair rock. So darn cute.

Laney and Riggsy

Ice Cream at McD's

Delaney received two free Happy Meals from McDonalds for reading so much. We took advantage of a rainy day and the coupons and headed over for lunch. We got a couple free happy meals and Delaney and Kate enjoyed playing in the playland while I caught up with an old college friend, who I randomly ran into there. After lunch and playing for a while the girls enjoyed some ice cream. Delaney graciously shared her ice cream with Rowena, who fell in love quickly!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Walking Rowe

Well, it's official. Rowena is now a walker! She's been taking steps since the beginning of February. A step here, five steps there. Now, that's her prefered mode of transportation. If she loses her balance, she gets right back up and walks again. It's rare to see her crawling now. And, I'm SOOO bummed! I got her the cutest pair of See Kai Run shoes and let her wear them outside a couple weeks ago--when she was still crawling, and she scuffed them all up. DARN! If I would've just waited, her shoes would still look new. Ah well. She's still a little shaky and a bit slow, but she is still a'walkin'.

Well done, Rowsie! We're so proud of our little walker!

Ladies Night Out

Last night the tres amigos went out...first time the three of us have been together (just us) in quite a while. Obviously, we've all been busy--Nichole having a baby, me in school, and Donna getting engaged. So, last night we went to Coopers Hawk (YUM) to celebrate Donna's LAST birthday in her twenties AND her engagement.

Congrats, Donna and Matt. Matt did a beautiful job picking out her gorgeous ring. Presents galore for Donna.
Nichole and Donna, with Donna's stash.
Donna and I with her wedding planner.
Donna with two of her bridesmaids.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Crazy Clothes Day

Katie had "Crazy Clothes Day" today at we got out the loudest and most mis-matched clothes we could possibly find in her drawers. She also wore two different colored socks and two different kinds of shoes, and had her hair up in one pony on the top of her head. She was so excited!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Happy Birthday to Rowena

We finally celebrated Rowena's birthday today with a small party. We enjoyed some nice company and some great food from Portillos--Italian beef sammies and chopped salad. YUM! And, we had Poppy's creamy, yummy mac-n-cheese. Of course, we also had a very tasty cake and then Rowe had her own "smash" cake. It was a great party, although the food, sadly, wasn't ready for over an hour! :(

The Birthday CakeRowe with Ashley The kids enjoying the Wii while the adults watched the Hawks game.
Catherine (Holdman) enjoying the PBK chair

Ben with Walter (almost 4 months old)
The kids playing in the basement
Nichole hamming it up for me...everyone enjoying the foods
Donna (at her first kid's birthday party for the day) enjoying some veggies. I'm mad I didn't get a picture of her LEFT hand!!! (CONGRATS DONNA AND MATT)
Rowena walking and holding Brian (Holdman's) finger
Both PABs and Walter needed just a little time to warm up to others at the party...until then, they both were crying for Mommy! Nichole was able to keep it together with a beautiful smile the whole time!!!
A little unsure of what to do...
Katie is SOOOO excited to watch Rowena with her "smash" cake!
Sucking her thumb mid-cake eating!
Oooh! Big, Messy Bite!
Um, I'm not sure if I want more of this tasty stuff, or if I want a nap...
Now, that's how to eat a cake!!!
The kids enjoying cake
Delaney and Chase--Star Wars style
Paige is in love with the princess vanity!
Julia enjoying the pinball machinePresent time! Rowe received a ton of cute clothes, some great toys, and some money for her bank account, along with some art work (in the post prior to this one), some garden tools, and a zoo membership.
Happy Birthday Girl...