Friday, March 19, 2010

Our Summer Quest

The girls and I have an Official Summer Quest. We have been personally asked by Plainfield Township to visit and play at all the parks in the Plainfield area. There are almost 150 parks. That's right, 150 parks. However, 38 are under development, so we have 102 parks to visit over the summer. Today we decided to begin, although it's not summer, nor officially spring yet. We went to one we have frequented many times and is close to friends (Dillinghams) and family (Grammie and Poppy). We call this the "Red Park" or the "Spiderweb" park. We're pretty excited about our quest/challenge. We even have a little excel spreadsheet to rank the parks. So, if you live in Plainfield Township, watch out...we'll be in your subdivision soon!

This is Parkview Meadows. This park is rated with 3 Stars. It is pretty small, but there are 4 swings--two regular, two baby. There are a lot of slides and some fun hanging and climbing aparatuses. There are a couple picnic tables/benches and shade, which is provided by a pavillion; there are no trees for shade. There is a small retention pond, but there is a fence that kind-of blocks the park from the pond and nasty geese.

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