Thursday, March 4, 2010

Oh No! A Glimpse...

So, yesterday we got a small, but significant glimpse of our future and the drama that we can name, let's see...Delaney.

Delaney gets off the bus yesterday crying. It really broke my heart...especially when she said "they were laughing at me." When I started to inquire more, she said that it was two boys: Christopher and Marco. Of course, the protective mother in me, wants to chase the bus and yell at these kids. However, Delaney and I talked about it and I was curious as to why these two boys would be laughing at her...and she says, "Well, they might have been laughing at something else, but it was right after we went over a bump and I kinda hit my head on the window." So, we ended up talking about how awful it feels to be laughed at or made fun of and how we should never do that to anyone else. Then we start talking about what the boys might have said that could have been funny and made them laugh. Soon, Delaney was laughing. About five minutes later, we have this conversation:

Delaney: "Mom, I'm going to marry them both."
Mom: "What?"
Delaney: "Yeah, I'm going to marry both Christopher and Marco."
Mom: "Well, you can't marry two people at the same time. At least not in Illinois."
Delaney: "That's okay, we'll move."

I just had to drop the was not going well.

Then, about an hour later, Peter gets home and she tells him...
Delaney: "Daddy, I kissed Marco today at school."
Dad: laughing
Mom: "Where did you kiss him?"
Dad: "On the cheek, right, Delaney?"
Delaney: "Yeah, on the cheek."
Mom: "No, I mean at school, in class, on the bus...?"
Delaney: "At school."
Mom: "Delaney, is that good-school behavior? Should you be doing that at school?"
Delaney: "Don't worry, Mom, my teacher didn't catch me."

As Sam Beckett always said..."OH BOY!"

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