Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Getting There

Well, I'm three months into my internship, and I have 4 weeks left of this term at school. It's been a pretty decent ride so far, but it's about to get insane, stressful, overwhelming, and a LOT of work. I have a lot due the last week of class, as well as my licensure exam (YIKES).

Part of internship is based on hours. I need 600 total hours, of which 240 have to be client-contact hours. Of those 240 client hours, 122 need to be relational (families, couples, etc.). By the end of this trimester (4/24) if things keep on the same pace, I ought to have almost 200 client hours total, 85 of which will be relational. I'm so excited that my hours are coming along nicely. Now I just really need to focus on getting my "Golden Tape" so I can start the transcription and paper. In the end, I will turn in a huge portfolio that includes just some of my work: transcription, paper, critique, 2 case assessments, hours logs, supervision/evaluation, etc.

I am hoping to turn in my portfolio on July 1st. That means I need to get working on this #1 tape NOW...so I have plenty of time to transcribe, critique, and write the paper (based on the theory used in the tape). I would like to use July to relax and get ready for my Defense--the last challenge to graduate. Also, in July we have a family reunion in Iowa, and I am presenting at the International Glasser Institute International Conference in Tennessee. I am so honored and excited. I could also become certified in Choice Theory/Reality Therapy at that time, but I would be gone from home for 9 days and it's pricey...so I will wait. :( Point being, I have a lot going on this summer and I do not want to be stressed out and stuck inside trying to finish up things for my portfolio and defense.

So, here's hoping I am not myself, and do not procrastinate. I'm getting there...

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Patty said...

You can do it Ames...you are one of the most focused and organized people I know. I know it's no day in the park but you will be successful!!