Sunday, March 7, 2010

Happy Birthday to Rowena

We finally celebrated Rowena's birthday today with a small party. We enjoyed some nice company and some great food from Portillos--Italian beef sammies and chopped salad. YUM! And, we had Poppy's creamy, yummy mac-n-cheese. Of course, we also had a very tasty cake and then Rowe had her own "smash" cake. It was a great party, although the food, sadly, wasn't ready for over an hour! :(

The Birthday CakeRowe with Ashley The kids enjoying the Wii while the adults watched the Hawks game.
Catherine (Holdman) enjoying the PBK chair

Ben with Walter (almost 4 months old)
The kids playing in the basement
Nichole hamming it up for me...everyone enjoying the foods
Donna (at her first kid's birthday party for the day) enjoying some veggies. I'm mad I didn't get a picture of her LEFT hand!!! (CONGRATS DONNA AND MATT)
Rowena walking and holding Brian (Holdman's) finger
Both PABs and Walter needed just a little time to warm up to others at the party...until then, they both were crying for Mommy! Nichole was able to keep it together with a beautiful smile the whole time!!!
A little unsure of what to do...
Katie is SOOOO excited to watch Rowena with her "smash" cake!
Sucking her thumb mid-cake eating!
Oooh! Big, Messy Bite!
Um, I'm not sure if I want more of this tasty stuff, or if I want a nap...
Now, that's how to eat a cake!!!
The kids enjoying cake
Delaney and Chase--Star Wars style
Paige is in love with the princess vanity!
Julia enjoying the pinball machinePresent time! Rowe received a ton of cute clothes, some great toys, and some money for her bank account, along with some art work (in the post prior to this one), some garden tools, and a zoo membership.
Happy Birthday Girl...

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Danuszka said...

Rowe is SOOO cute! I had a great time - wish I could have stayed longer!

ps - could you put up an uglier pic of me? ewww. haha And yes, why no ring pic? haha