Monday, March 15, 2010

Leann's Bridal Shower

Yesterday we went to Chenoa for Leann's bridal shower. It was small, but fun, and it was nice to see everyone. Delaney and Katie enjoyed helping Leann open gifts and Rowena enjoyed the freedom to walk around everywhere. Leann got some good loot to take home, and Wesley is all ready to use the shop vac and the coffee maker!

Leann with her mother and grandmother The Stiglich side: Rowena, Amy, Marnie, Leann; Patty, Katie, Delaney, Denise
Delaney and Katie with Leann's first present
After a while, the girls became bored and wanted to play their DS'sMe with my new SISTER! :)

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Patty said...

Fun times and great pics...thanks for being the family photographer!!