Friday, March 19, 2010

Rowena's One Year Check-Up

Rowena finally had her one-year check-up with the doctor this week. We held off to make sure she was through being sick; we wanted to make sure she could get her shots. So, of course, just two days before the appointment, she starts to get a cough and runny nose...AGAIN. However, it's inconsistent, so we were thinking/hoping that it could be contributed to allergies vs. another lung issue. Well, Dr. Paul confirmed that on Wednesday. And, luckily we caught it early enough that she isn't sick (her lungs sound clear) and she was able to get her one-year shots. Woo-Hoo. He's thinking that a lot of her colds and bronchitis the past year were due to allergies getting bad and then settling in her lungs. So, now we're on a three-month maintenance plan with nasonex and singular. Doc assured me that these meds are easier on her/her system than another 10-day round of steroids or antibiotics. She's also (once again) on the breathing treatments again (as needed).

At One Year, Rowe:
  • is walking all over the place
  • is into everything
  • likes to try dog food
  • loves her thumb and blankie
  • weighs 21 lbs, 8 oz (50%)
  • is 29 1/2" tall (45%)
  • has a HUGE head 48 3/4 cm (97%)
  • loves to dance
  • really enjoys music
  • loves her PBK chair
  • loves the swing
  • loves her sippy cup--no matter if it's filled with milk or juice
  • losing interest in eating veggies
  • loves T.V.--especially Mickey Mouse, Dora, Diego, and Blue's Clues

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Nichole said...

Pabs had the same stats at a year... doc used to say her head was so big to hold in all the big brains :).