Wednesday, January 28, 2009

30 Days and Counting...

Look how HUGE I am!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Christmas...A Month Late

Here are some pics from our Christmas this year (sorry...just realized I hadn't posted any!).

Riggs...Adjusting Well

Riggs has been so amazing! Since losing Coltrane, we were very unsure of how Riggs would behave, change, and interact. He's been amazing! No more accidents in the house, he's more affectionate, cuddles a little more, been better about not chewing on things, and he hasn't seem to miss Cole all that much. It's almost as if he's grown up a lot because of it. Pete took Riggs to the Dog Park for the first time yesterday, as we're wanting to make sure he 'socializes' well with other dogs and people. He did GREAT! He had a blast running around, meeting other big dogs, and just having some pure free time. And, now that we're setting up the basement, we're allowing him down there little by little (an adult has to be down there with him, as we doubt the girls will watch him well enough to make sure toys are being eaten). Coltrane was always my buddy...sitting on my lap and cuddling up with me. Last night, after watching a show, I laid down in the "sleep" chair, and Riggs got right up there with me and cuddled. I loved much I passed out!

Ready to Take On Her BIG SISTER Role...

Although Delaney is obviously a big sister already...I think she's ready for Birl's arrival. She's been playing more with the baby dolls lately. She's been very attentive to giving them baths, feeding and burping them, rocking them, and putting them to sleep. It's very sweet. I will Kate do??? She's still loving her role as the baby of the family, and hasn't played with dolls much in the last 4 months...

Hanging with Daddy after School

Yesterday the girls experience a rare and dad BOTH home! They were excited to have Daddy take them to and pick them up from school. And, as soon as they got home, we enjoyed an afternoon snack (popcorn) and a show (Avatar).

Making Dinner

In school this month, the girls are learning about food. Each day they make something at school to either eat or drink, or there is a lesson based on food. Katie made a bologna and cheese sandwich (with the crust), and was SO excited about it. She ate 1/4, then gave me 1/4, then she ate another 1/4, and decided to save the last for Daddy (although she couldn't help herself to take a bite of that piece). I couldn't believe how well she ate this. She loves ham, if it's shaved or shredded, but usually just the ham (no bread, mayo, etc.). So, I decided to let the girls make their own dinner one night, hoping it would motivate increased intake of a sandwich. No such luck, but they still enjoyed the process and ate 1/2 of what they made. Now Kate is requesting bologna...something we've never purchased!


Many of you know of Katie's HUGE fear/phobia of gum. She has an amazing sense if someone is chewing gum vs. food or candy. She refuses to look at people while they are chewing gum, often times requesting to be held so she can bury her head into your shoulder. And...beware if you blow a bubble. The poor kid hyperventilates, turns bright red, and starts to sweat!

Delaney got a little gumball machine from a friend from school for a Christmas present. She was very excited about it until she realized what it was (even though I told her we could fill it with skittles instead). She's so wonderfully protective of her sister. Because of Katie's fear, Delaney has developed a strong dislike for gum, and can't stand the taste or smell of peppermint (the smell she associates with gum).

Well, the night she got the present, Pete dared to try it out...he talked to them about gum, explained how you can only chew it, don't swallow it, and need to spit it out in the garbage after a while. Not sure exactly how he managed to get EITHER to try it...they both did. And, Katie went first. So, now Delaney will tell you that chewing gum is her "favorite." I haven't chewed gum in front of Kate since this, but it would be interesting to try it out and see her reaction.
Here are pics of them showing off their gum...

Chuck E Cheese

On New Year's Eve (I believe), I braved CC with the girls alone...and it was great! I found a bunch of old tokens in a jar in our room, bundled us all up, and headed out the door. We walked in, order our 'za for lunch, and I split the tokens in half and put them in little cups, and sent the girls on their merry way. I was amazed at how well they did. Delaney found games and rides that she enjoyed, even befriending a little boy to play air hockey. Kate looked lost, and wanted to go on all the big-kid stuff. Sadly, shortly after we had our pizza, Kate put her tokens down, and walked away...never to find them again. Thankfully she didn't cry or put up a fight for more. We were there for about 2 hours, and it was surprisingly enjoyable.
Look at the intensity in her face...

Dance Recital 2009

The girls started their recital season this week. Both girls are taking a ballet/tap combo class (each in different classes). They love dance, and are really excited about being on stage again.

Delaney will be performing tap for the first time, and isn't very happy about it because "tap is tricky." She would prefer doing ballet, but I think she'll really like it when they start doing tap more and more. She does really like her costume, so that helps. There are 9 girls in her class ranging from 4-5 years old.
Katie's class is also a ballet/tap combo, but will be performing ballet again this year on stage. Sadly, there are only three girls in her class, so Miss Emily (their dance instructor) will combine two classes for recital purposes (Delaney's class had to do that last year). Her class is made up of solely 3 year olds.

I'm not sure what the songs will be yet for their performances, but I will definitely get a copy of it, so the girls can practice at home like they did a lot last year. I love that they are so into dance...and that they love being on stage!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Birl Update...Today's Appointment

I went in for ultrasound #8 and NST #3 today. Things are looking great. There have been no contractions or signs of premature labor, so the doctor was happy. The baby is looking good and healthy, but they still are keeping watch. According to today's ultrasound, Birl is weighing about 5 lbs, 5 oz. (give or take 6 oz.). That number frightens me a little in regards to the fact that we still have 6 weeks left, and Birl's gained about a whole pound in just two weeks! If that's the case, we'll be on target for an 8 lb+ baby come 2/28. YIKES! That's big...for us, anyways. Delaney was 6 lbs, 10 oz. and Kate was 7 lbs, 2 oz.

Birl was sleeping during the entire NST, until 2 seconds before the doc walked in. The heart rate remained very low today, due to the resting state. The heart rate was about 130 bpm, and last week it was about 160 bpm...but Birl was very active last week. Birl's head is down, which is another good sign. The doc is thinking somewhere around the same time as the girls (about 2-2 1/2 weeks early)...however, this baby is measuring exactly at 34 w, 2 d--which is right on schedule!!!

I'll post another Birl update in 2 weeks when they measure the baby again, and start the internal exams (sorry, if that's TMI for you brothers and brothers-in-law).

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Lacking on Pictures

I haven't been taking many pictures at all this month. We really slowed down in January with activities--which is much needed. I returned to school and grad assisting, and we're trying to get ready for the arrival of Birl, so we haven't been doing as much. Plus we had a busy November and a VERY busy (and hectic) December.

We've been working on the basement, as we just got some new (mis-matched to the upper level) carpet, and are slowly working on moving the playroom to the basement. So far it looks really good, but there's a LOT in that playroom! We're hoping to get the majority of it done this we don't have to worry about it. After the playroom is all set up in the basement, we'll get Birl's nursery in order. We do have the new bassinet up and ready in our room. It's very soft and pretty...and the girls love it!

I will try to post a few new pics within the next week. Some of the girls trying GUM (that's right...) and them making their own dinner (sandwiches), and having fun at Chuck E Cheese.

Inspired by Julia

Delaney really looks up to our neighbor, Julia--who is currently in 2nd grade and will be 8 in just a few weeks. Delaney will now get a cup and fill it with ice water because "it's healthy, and Julia drinks lots of ice water." And, every other day or so, for the past few weeks, Delaney will want to do "homework." This consists of her working on her workbook pages (each of the girls have a workbook to help them with counting, letters, writing, etc.). She'll work on about 2-3 pages, and then "need a break because it's really hard work." She also told Pete that she needed to do her homework "like Julia does."

Julia...thank you for being a GOOD influence on Delaney. While I know you two have some battles...she really does love you and look up to you! THANKS!

Future Aspirations

The other day, when driving the girls to either dance or gymnastics, I decided to explore their future...

Amy: Girls, what do you want to be when you grow up?
Delaney: I want to be a doctor.
Amy: Any kind of doctor?
Delaney: An animal doctor. And an artist, because I love to draw and paint.
Amy: And, Katie, what do you want to be?
Katie: A princess. A Simpson's Princess. The Marge Princess with the big, blue hair.

Ahhhh...wonder who will get closer to her dreams???

Beer...For Dinner?

On Mondays, Pete is home with the girls from about 9am-8:30pm. They do so many fun things together, such as watching Avatar, playing with their toys, playing out in the snow--sledding, or going to the movies. It's also a night where Pete comes up with their dinner plans. Last week, Pete decided to ask Delaney what she wants for dinner...and here is the conversation:

Pete: Delaney, what would you like for dinner?
Delaney: Beer. (long pause). I'm just kidding. I don't like beer. (another long pause). Actually, I do like beer. I'll have beer for dinner.

Pete attributes this new-found desire for her dinner entree to Uncle Joe and our recent trip to Applebee's with him, when he got Delaney to order a Miller Lite. Well done! ahahahh

Friday, January 9, 2009

A Couple Cute Things

I haven't updated much on any funny or cute things the girls do, so I thought I'd take a quick moment to share a few.

She is learning how to tell time (digitally first). Although she knows somewhat how to look at a clock with hands, she has been wearing her watch regularily, and looking at it about every 2-10 minutes to update me on the time. I'm quite impressed that if her watch says "4:49" she will say "It's four, forty-nine." The first couple of times she would say "four, four, nine" but has it down now.

She also thinks that since she is five now, she should be able to go to kindergarten. She's becoming a little excited to ride the bus and "really go to school." I know I'm not ready for that, so I'm personally thankful she has to wait until late August! However, we will be registering her in March!

She's becoming impatient for Birl's arrival. She is confused with the concepts of weeks, so when I told her we had 8 more weeks, the next day she thought we were down to 7. So-we switched to days, and she's not happy at all that it's 50 more days! Not to mention, she's now telling people we have 50 more weeks.

She's learning her phone number, and next week at school she gets to call home. Can you believe she's getting so old!?!? I sure can't!

She has the best imagination ever! She has different voices for all of her dolls when she plays. Most are very high-pitched. She has also made live-action games for Mario Party and Avatar, which she can get almost anyone to participate it. So, you'd better practice up on your air and water bending, and watch out for the Bowser spots!

She already has the name picked out for the baby. "Baby Jesus" if it's a boy. And, I can't remember what her girl's name is. I wouldn't be surprised if it was "Peach" (from Mario Party).

She keeps us laughing with her adult humor, her "buuuutt" comments and jokes, and how she says she really loves peanut butter now, yet oddly refuses to eat it and can't stand the smell.

She lives at the "Pink Stair House" with her brother who can be really mean, and her best friend "Asa." This is a house located in a bad part of town that we drive past to get to my work/daycare. She LOVES it! She also has Delaney now living two doors down in the "Red House." Delaney now has her friend "Bubar" (although she spells it Rcksa) living in the house between her and Kate.

Ahhh...the little things kids come up with that make us smile and laugh. I can't imagine our world without them! I'm excited to see what Birl will add to the craziness of our family!

Observer of the Odd

Kate has an eye for the oddest of things! I don't think that girl misses a water tower, an American flag, or a digger. She cracks me up! She always points those out to us while driving somewhere.

Oh-and Delaney likes to recite the Pledge of Allegiance when she see the American Flag. Quite impressive.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Birl Update...My Appointment Today

Can you believe there's less than 8 weeks left until Birl's intended arrival?! That's right. It's just less than 8 weeks until February 28th!

I had the first (of many) non-stress tests today. I actually fell asleep. I woke up to the doctor looking over the report. I was quite embarrassed, but he was impressed at how I used my time there! ahahaha. I did bring Twilight to start, but didn't get very far. We've had 6 ultrasounds, and depending on when Birl arrives, we could have up to 13 total--which just seems like a ton. According to today's ultrasound, Birl is weighing in at a little over 4 lbs. I really enjoyed listening to Birl's heartbeat during the NST. It was so rythmic and soothing (ranging from 126-162 for the duration)...which is probably why I fell asleep. Baby and I are looking, feeling, and doing well. I think my weight gain is at 20 lbs so far.

We're slowly getting the house ready. We have all of the baby/infant stuff all out and in the front room. These next two weeks, we'll work on getting the basement set up so we can move the girls' awesome playroom down there. As soon as the basement is ready, we can clean out the playroom and set up the nursery. We'll be sure to have this all done by the end of January (or so we're hoping).

I've been getting very, very tired again...wanting to nap daily around 1 or 2 for about 3 hours. Saturday I got a great nap in--Thanks Peter! xoxo. I'm going to take advantage of any possible nap times, because I have a feeling once Birl arrives--his/her schedule will be opposite of the girls! (i.e. up a lot throughout the night, not napping during preschool hours, etc.).

We're getting so excited to have a little newborn around. The tiny toes, hands, and features. The rythmic breathing while sleeping, the coo's and cries, and all the wonderful aspects to newborns and parenthood. Delaney can't wait to feed him/her, and Katie really wants to name him/her "Baby Jesus." Those two are so cute with this pregnancy...I can't wait to see how they react to the actual baby! I just wish Delaney could experience feeling Birl move/kick in-utero. She wants to so bad, but the little one won't cooperate!