Friday, July 31, 2009

Recent Zoo Trip

A few weeks ago, we decided to head to the zoo as a whole family. I usually take the girls solo while Pete is working, and I have no homework and nothing planned. We enjoyed the we finally went to see the dinosaur exhibit. We spent some time at the park and had lunch, where Delaney couldn't wait to feed some birds. Then we went to the Hamill Family Zoo, where the girls really enjoyed playing and exploring. Delaney even touched and petted (*GASP*) a certain nasty bug (which is my phobia). I had to walk away because I started having difficult breathing and thought I was going to vomit.

At the dinosaur exhibit (duh) Learning about the claws

ROAR, Meow...Delaney did her own face paint to be a cat
Watering the plants
Doing craft projects
Eating Dipping Dots...The Ice Cream of the Future (for the past 20 years)

Thinking that Delaney was going to "eat it all."

At the end of a fun-filled day at Brookfield Zoo

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Our Summer Trip to the UP

Most know that our annual (or now every-other-year) trip to L'Anse, MI is over Thanksgiving. Well, since we're not heading up that way over Thanksgiving this year, and there was a family reunion planned, we decided to go this summer. We left around 8pm on Thursday night (Chicago time) and arrived at 4am on Friday (Michigan time). We had a great time. Friday we spent the day hanging out with the few relatives that were already there, playing in the creek (see next post), coloring, playing UNO, going for a walk, riding the Rhino, and enjoying a campfire (see post below). We also grilled out and enjoyed some frosty beverages.

On Saturday we headed to the beach for the family reunion (see post) for my Grandma Stiglich (Brunet)'s family. We had fun at the beach...girls enjoyed the water and the pinata the most. We headed back to my Aunt/Uncle's home to unwind and pack up. We left on Sunday after a yummy (famous) sweetroll at The Hilltop. We had a great pitstop at the Barth home (see post).

All in all, it was a great, but short, trip to the UP. Good times, good times. L'Anse--we'll see you in November 2010.

Fun in the Creek

On Friday, while Peter and Rowena napped, I brought the girls and Riggs down to my Grandpa's house so the girls could play in the creek (pronounced cric). It's pretty rocky, so they wore their water shoes, and the water was cold, but they didn't seem to care at all. Even when they fell in a few times, they just laughed, got up, and kept going.

The Bonfire

We ended a fun-filled Friday with a bonfire, s'mores, and family. The girls loved it. Katie (and Peter) called it a night early, but Delaney partied hard until 11pm!

Looking for sticks to roast marshmallows Roasting her first marshmallow

First bite of a S'more

Enjoying S'mores together...Mmmmmmmm
Roasting her first marshmallow

First bite of a S'more

Enjoying 'em right off the stick

Taking pictures with Jeff's awesome camera...I think she shot at least 75! (Thankfully it's a digital)

Showing her pictures to Jeff

Riggs and Sophie face off! 90 lbs vs. 6 lbs. Sophie won! ahahahhah

"So, Jeff, tell me all you know"

Reciting the "Pledge" for everyone

Relaxing with Grammie and a juicebox

The fire

Brunet Family Reunion

On Saturday, in L'Anse, MI, we went to the beach for a family reunion for the Brunet Family (my maternal grandmother's family). Although a bit cold, we had a good time. Lots of pictures were taken and great food was served! We had prime rib, fried fish, AWESOME homemade french fries, and lots of great homemade dishes. Thanks to those who organized this fun day!

Delaney and Katie went STRAIGHT for the water! Brrrrrr...the water is so cold!

Girls had fun swinging on the rope (which used to be over water...but the water has gone down)

Playing Bags...solo

Uncle Wesley and Rowena

Swinging away

Pete, Wesley, and Jeff "discussing" guy matters...fakers!

The two youngest Stiglich great-grandkids-Jackson Gregorich and Rowena Henderson

Grammie, Katie, and Poppy swinging on the bench swing

Rowe relaxing on Grammie

Cutie Jackson enjoying the fries
Rowe napping on Great Uncle Jim
Mmmmmmmmmmm...FOOD TIME!

Delaney watching the bigger waves come in with the wind and cool-front

Getting dressed for the colder weather...and taking a break to play their DS/Gameboys

Happy after her nice nap

Enjoying a (disgusting) lollipop

Awwww, Sisterly Love
So excited for the pinata

Uh, oh...sisterly love is gone.

Delaney wacked the crap out the pinata--everyone was impressed!

Although she could barely reach it...she did make contact.


Watching from the sidelines

Unwinding after a funfilled day with a bath and a game of UNO with Poppy and GAP
Passed out!