Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Rowena's New Achievements

Rowe seems to be growing so much lately; learning new things everyday, figuring things out. It's so much fun to watch. I forgot how amazing this age is--when you can actually watch them learn and figure things out. Wonderful. Well, since my last post on her milestones, which was just nine days ago, she's tacked on a few more things. She sat up by herself for the first time on Monday, September 21st. On Sunday, September 27th, she pulled herself into a stand. Yep. She pulled herself into a stand twice on Sunday by holding onto her kick-and-whirl carnival. She has been scooting backwards for a while now...about two or three weeks. Now she's pretty good about getting onto all fours, but she usually sits up (and not crawl). If she wants something, she'll lay down, reach for it, sit back up, or spin around. Now she is starting to pull herself forward, just using her arms, letting her legs rest (for when she starts to run). So, she finally got down the forward scoot. Her motivation...Riggs' toy. She has also mastered her pinchers--picking up very small objects with her index finger and thumb. She's loving the Gerber Graduate snacks, and can get most into her mouth. She can now handle us having dinner time, while she snacks on those in her high chair.
Here are some pictures of Rowena's Tug-Of-War with Riggs this morning...going after her new incentive...his purple rope toy.

Our Triplets

Our three little blond hair, blue-eyed beauties...all dressed alike on this cool fall day. (I was very excited to find an outfit in all three sizes...Gotta love Carter's clothes!). SO DARN CUTE!

Welcome, Fall!

Ah, fall...my favorite time of year: Bright blue skies, cool breezes, open windows, heat on at night, the faint smell of burning leaves...simply perfect.

This year we planted a tree...a weeping cherry tree-THANKS LEANN! The girls think it's great, and we've been watering it every day. We also decorated for Halloween and fall on Sunday before the Bears game.

Planting the tree
Putting up the decorations outside for Halloween
Getting out the new decorations to finally finish off the driveway

Mmmm...leaves (and anything else I grab...straight into my mouth)
Reaping the benefits of our laziness...ahahahha. Last year we kept forgetting to put our old, rotting pumpkins in the trash, so Pete finally shoved them over the edge of the deck...this year--our very own pumpkins. We have 9 so far. Not bad, right?

On the porch with our home-grown pumpkins

Thanks, Uncle Brian!

Thanks Uncle Brian for the new coats, shoes, and sweatshirts. Girls love 'em. Delaney has worn her shoes several times, and today was cold enough to warrant her wearing her new coat.

Oh, and this is how Kate and Delaney tend to take most pictures nowadays...Katie with her tongue out, and Delaney with a nice smile.

Pancake Breakfast

In my hometown, Park Forest, the Lion's Club hosts an annual PANCAKE DAY. It's kind of a staple in my town that has surprisingly withstood the test of time. There are many volunteers that help make the day successful--the various clubs and organizations from the local junior high and high school, as well as Girl and Boy Scout troops. This year was the first year I brought the kids. Pete works on Saturday morning, so he didn't get to join us, but I met my parents there. It was fun; the girls enjoyed it and Rowena enjoyed her first pancake (without syrup, of course).

HELP! I'm Stuck.

We have found Rowena in this position many times, and watched her scoot her way into this position. It's quite funny. She (at the time of this picture) couldn't figure out how to go forward, so she would always scoot backwards, and end up getting stuck, with just her head and arms out from underneath the couch. Too funny. Sometimes she would look up and just laugh and smile. Other times, she would be screaming.

Rowena's Pose

Rowena has this "sexy" pose that she does. We all crack up, because it's like she's posing for a picture. Hopefully this pose will not be in her repertoire later in life...ahahahha. Right now it's pretty cute. She was doing this before she could sit up on her own (pictures are from her baptism weekend), and would pull her leg up and hold on to it. Now that she can sit up, she doesn't do it very often.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Way To Go, Rowe!

So, today marks not just one, but TWO milestones for Rowena. As Katie and I were playing Mario Party, Rowena was laying on a blanket behind us, playing. Well, I turn around, and she's sitting up! Yep, she can now get to a sitting position all on her own. YEA! Well done, Rowsie! I still have yet to see her do it...but she's been laying down three or four different times now, and whenever I look at her again, she's sitting back up. So exciting. She's also getting pretty good at getting onto all fours now...which she mastered on Sunday. She spins around like crazy and rolls all over the place. I think it's just a matter of short time until she's a crawler.

Her second milestone is that she now has another tooth. She has her two (middle) bottom teeth. Her smile is getting cuter and cuter all the time.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Flower Girls

Delaney and Katie have a wonderful honor and great responsibility at Uncle Wesley and Aunt Leann's wedding...They were both asked today to be flower girls. They are SOOOO excited and honored! THANK YOU to Uncle Wesley and Aunt Leann to asking them to be part of your special day!

(Darn me--again--for not getting any pictures of the happy couple with their flower girls today. I'm getting bad at taking pics lately!)

Rowena's Baptism

Once again, the third child gets jipped! We definitely didn't take many pictures today. We usually get one of the Kridner family and also one of the Henderson/Hayes family, etc., etc.. Today we didn't do either. Sorry, Rowena. Know that we love you, even if we don't take a thousand different pictures at every event...as we do make up for it elsewhere.

Rowena was AMAZING at church today! She sat through the entire hour (or longer) long service with no crying, whining, or screaming. She's SUCH a good baby. She was trying so hard to get into the basin with the water. She was adorable. She just hung out on me, snuggling, and being all sweet. She was definitely a hit at the church. I saw many high school friends' parents, who are still in Park Forest, who fell in love with all three of our blue-eyed beauties.

After the baptism, we headed back home and hosted a party that was catered by yummy Portillos! Delish! Thank you to all that made today so very special for Rowena and our family! And, a special thank you to those who came from out of town and across state borders!

Rowena and her Godmother, Katie (Gregorich)

Zoo With The Gregoriches

On Saturday morning, we all got up, had some yummy raspberry danish and then headed to Brookfield. Delaney rode with Jeff, Katie, and Jackson, while Katie and Rowena rode with me (Pete was working). We head to the Pachyderm house to see the rhinos, elephants, and hippos. After we headed to the park to let the kids play and have some lunch. Then it was on to the Children's Zoo and petting, feeding, and brushing the goats. Then to see the bears as we headed toward the carousel and then out of the zoo. I wish we could've seen and done more, as there's SO much there; however, without Pete there, I was pretty anxious and edgy. But, it was pretty fun. Sadly--these are the only pictures I took.

When we got back from the zoo, Pete got Delaney and Kate all packed up and ready to spend the night at the hotel swimming and having dinner with Nana, while Katie (G) and I did some serious damage at Babies R Us. Then Grammie and Poppy came over to babysit Rowe and Jackson, while we (the adults) enjoyed a night out and yummy dinner at The Melting Pot. Not sure yet, but Pete might be burnt out on that restaurant! It's the third time there in about 5 weeks! ahahah

And This is What I Get...

The girls looked so pretty for school last Wednesday, that I wanted to get a nice picture. And, this is what I get...

...thanks a lot girls!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Congratulations, Wesley and Leann!

Last night, on September 12th, Wesley asked Leann to marry him, and she said, "Yes!" We are so excited and happy for them.


We love you both! Welcome to the family, Leann!!! We couldn't be happier. Katie can't wait to call you "Aunt Leann" and for you to wear a "marrying dress." Delaney is so excited to "finally" have an aunt, and is so happy you're the one! :) And, FINALLY...I'll have a sister!
PS-look at that BEAUTIFUL ring!

Fun Day at Grandpa and Paula's

Another busy weekend for us! We had a great Saturday spent in Elwood (see posts below), and today we took our last summer trip to Grandpa and Paula's. The girls enjoyed the beach, swimming, and playing in the sand. Rowe had a ton of fun in her diaper in the water and in the little floaty-boat. After a delicious lunch, we all went out on the boat. Rowe was so tired, and we think hungry, that she wasn't happy unless we were going really fast. Finally when we stopped to swim with Grandpa and Paula's neighbors--Mike, Dani, and Demi, we took Rowe's life-preserver off (as it was making her way too hot) and got her all naked and sat her on the end of the boat...which she LOVED! Delaney was amazing, jumping off the boats and swimming back and forth between G&P's boat and the neighbor's. Kate enjoyed all the toys Demi had on her boat. You can tell how scared she still is of the water (since her incident earlier this summer). I really hope she can overcome this fear in the future. Hopefully swim lessons next year will help. Sadly, with our crazy schedule this summer...we weren't able to participate in them this year.