Friday, April 30, 2010

Kids Learn From EVERYwhere!

Last night as I was changing Rowena's diaper, Katie says to me:

"You know to change her underwear when it droops because that means it's full of pee and poop and she needs a new diaper."

Mom: "Yeah, I guess you're very right. Where did you hear that?"

Katie: "Mom, I learned it from a commercial about diapers."

Then she walked away.

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

How many shoes does a one-year-old need? At least 8. Rowena has quite the shoe collection going. Although in this picture on shoe of her sketchers is missing and...she has a variety to choose from on a daily basis. She also has two pair of Robeez that still fit her. This girl has some tiny feet-size 3.

Now, Katie on the other hand, truly has options in the morning! She has about 20 pair of shoes that currently fit her feet. She is now in a size 9. She is very picky about shoes...they have to be pretty. So, we try to oblige. Sometimes it's hard, as she is not a fan of tennis shoes, and tends to wear dresses to school every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. When not at school, Kate still usually wears skirts and is very happy now that she can wear sandals again. Katie also has the most "'bins" in our shoe organizer. She has a total of 5. Where most of us have 3. If you take a close look, you might notice that Katie's shoes tend to be purple or blue.

Delaney isn't as fortunate as Kate in shoe selection, but I wouldn't say she's hurting for options. She has about 10-12 shoes to choose from, but tends to wear her slip-on brown sketcher tennis shoes, unless she's in a dress. She only takes up 3 bins in our shoe organizer. If you take a close look, you might notice that Delaney's shoes tend to be pink. Delaney also has small feet, and is only in a size 10. I'm thinking she might need some more shoe shopping for the summer...

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Occupations of Henderson Parents

In the car today, Katie begins a conversation about "occupations." Here is our conversation:

Katie: "Mom, they're building a new road there."
Mom: "Yeah. The road is all under construction."
Katie: "Yep. It's their job to build roads. That's their occupation."
Mom: "Wow. Katie, that's quite a big word, 'occupation'."
Katie: "Well, I'm learning in school."
Mom: "Do you know what my occupation is?"
Katie: "To take care of us."
Mom: "That's right. Do you know what dad's occupation is?"
Katie: "To make money."
Delaney: "He takes care of people."
Mom: "You're both right. Daddy takes care of people to make money so we can eat and have a house and so mommy can take care of you guys. Do you know how he takes care of people?"
Katie: "Yeah, he looks at people through a big camera."

I think we need to teach them a little more about being a Nuclear Medicine Tech. Katie makes it sound like Peter is a pervert! ahahahha But I am impressed at how much they do pay attention.

BooBerry...FINALLY Gone!

Last September or October, I was searching high and low for Halloween decorations to complete our set. I finally found them, but in my journey I went to a store I never shop: Walmart. Well, in doing so, I found some AWESOME cereal that Peter and I didn't think they made anymore. I bought (2 for $5, by the way) Frankin Berry, Count Chocula, and Boo Berry. Well, we ended up finishing the Count Chocula pretty quick, and shortly after the Frankin Berry. However, we JUST finished the Boo Berry today. Yep...about 6 months later we finished a box of cereal. Keep in mind we have cereal just about daily...goes to show you the selection we keep in the house that allows a box to go unfinished for 1/2 a year! I was so excited to FINALLY put this box in the recycle bin this morning, I had to share. Now, in 6 more months, we'll head to Walmart again for 3 boxes of Halloween cereal.

Art: Painting

Girls enjoyed painting yesterday after school/before lunch. They both made two Henderson Masterpieces. I will be selling them on ebay next month.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Our Avid Reader

Yesterday I took Delaney to the Joliet Public Library to get her very own library card (you have to be 5 to get your own). She was pretty excited. She even had to sign her name to the back. Then she picked out her first book to check-out on her card...a Clifford book.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Laney's New Book

Delaney purchased her first "big girl" book today. It's a chapter-book, with 10 chapters and 100 pages. I'm so excited. I cannot wait to read it with her, read it to each other; taking turns when she gets tired. The book: "Lanie." It's an American Girl book based on this year's feature girl (named Lanie). She loves the outdoors, bugs, animals, nature, and experiments. I really don't think they could've had a more perfect match for our "Laney." This Sunday Grammie and I are taking the girls to the American Girl Store in Chicago...they each are picking a new doll. I wonder if Laney will pick Lanie.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fun in the Dirt

So, if you know me, you know I HATE sand. And, I mean HATE. Odd, because I love the beach...but I swore I'd never have a sandbox for my kids--and don't. Sand just seems to get everywhere and is so gritty. Ugh. Not sure why, but I just can't stand it. However, another story. I love to play in dirt, and also don't mind if my kids do. Here are some pictures of Rowena's first dirt experience. She had a great time...and played happily for over an hour. She went straight to the tub after this. And, just to note, her clothes cleaned up just fine. I really don't think the pictures need any captions. You can tell she had fun, loved it, and was very comfortable.

Whoa! That was something...

I sat for my licensure exam on Saturday (April 17th), and let me tell you...HOLY HELL!!! That thing was HARD!!! I will admit I did not study like I had hoped. I was very focused on my two classes I was taking and the various deadlines for my work in those. So, I left myself very little time and focus for the NCE (National Counselor Exam). About half-way through I seriously contemplated just handing in my test. I already felt beyond defeated. The one thing that kept me in that seat for another 2 hours...the money. The test is $300. So, I continued through to the end, knowing some answers, making educated guesses on some, and also, and sadly, blindly guessing on many. WoW. It was really difficult. Afterward I felt defeated and completely drained. I went to lunch with my Ash and we talked about it...she felt as defeated and unsure as I did...and she studied. So, with that in mind, my heart and head eased a bit. I also talked to some friends that have already taken the exam, and no matter if they passed or did not, they said they all felt drained, defeated, and lost. Okay...feeling a little better. And now I just have to wait 8 (*insert sarcasm here*) SHORT weeks to find out my results. You know...because it takes that long to score scan tron sheets...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spring Fun at Grandpa and Paula's

Grandpa and Paula really have the COOLEST PLACE EVER! In the winter we get to ice skate on the frozen lake. In the spring and fall we fish. And in the summer we swim and boat! Since the weather and lake was obviously was too cold to swim, seeing as it was only 60 out, and it's still spring. So, we spent our day fishing. Riggs did get to swim for a while. The girls had a blast fishing and caught about 8 fish.

Katie...looking for fish.Casting her first line
Katie caught the first fish of the day!
Delaney trying to relax to catch her first fish
Hooking her own worm...
Delaney with her first fish
Ney's fish
Rowe getting into the worms. I think she wants to fish too.
Rowena fishing with Daddy's help.
Peter caught a Rowe!
What a MEAN Dad! Rowe loved did Delaney and Katie. I think I was the only one who didn't like it!Feeding Vander. Rowena sure loves animals!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Toddler Knees

You know you have a toddler when you see knees like these...

Enjoying Great Weather and Great Neighbors

Yesterday when Peter got back from Delaney's dance class with the girls, and I got home from class, we stayed outside and enjoyed the weather. So many on our block were out. Have I ever mentioned how fortunate we are with our neighbors? It is something that keeps us from moving closer to PJ's work! Our neighbors are the kind you can truly count on, there to lend a helping had, a stick of butter, and are so fun to chat with, bbq with, and drink with! There are a lot of children on our block...which also makes it fun. Yesterday we ended up hanging out in front of Jim and Vicki's house. One thing that helped that happen is that Sara was out (one of Delaney's fave people) and Jim was eating a automatic magnetic for all kids! We, along with the Ruch's, were out there for over an hour just chit-chatting and playing. The kids played catch with a football, and were running around, but they really loved the pickup truck...

In this picture: Sara, Vicki, Katie, RJ, Steven, Gwen, Spencer, Julia, Delaney Delaney and Katie just had to pose alongside Gwen!
Rowe joined in on the fun (as did Riley).
Katie was acosting Spencer in the back of the pickup truck. At one point we hear Spencer say, "Katie, you already kissed me on my lips and my cheek." To which Katie replies, "And your hand!" Then Delaney joined in. Poor Spencer. And, that's what every parent hopes for, right...kissing in the back of a pickup truck!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Chalk Drawings

Kids had a lot of fun tracing one another and then decorating themselves.

Julia Spencer
The gang