Thursday, April 15, 2010

Enjoying Great Weather and Great Neighbors

Yesterday when Peter got back from Delaney's dance class with the girls, and I got home from class, we stayed outside and enjoyed the weather. So many on our block were out. Have I ever mentioned how fortunate we are with our neighbors? It is something that keeps us from moving closer to PJ's work! Our neighbors are the kind you can truly count on, there to lend a helping had, a stick of butter, and are so fun to chat with, bbq with, and drink with! There are a lot of children on our block...which also makes it fun. Yesterday we ended up hanging out in front of Jim and Vicki's house. One thing that helped that happen is that Sara was out (one of Delaney's fave people) and Jim was eating a automatic magnetic for all kids! We, along with the Ruch's, were out there for over an hour just chit-chatting and playing. The kids played catch with a football, and were running around, but they really loved the pickup truck...

In this picture: Sara, Vicki, Katie, RJ, Steven, Gwen, Spencer, Julia, Delaney Delaney and Katie just had to pose alongside Gwen!
Rowe joined in on the fun (as did Riley).
Katie was acosting Spencer in the back of the pickup truck. At one point we hear Spencer say, "Katie, you already kissed me on my lips and my cheek." To which Katie replies, "And your hand!" Then Delaney joined in. Poor Spencer. And, that's what every parent hopes for, right...kissing in the back of a pickup truck!

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