Thursday, April 1, 2010

Playing Outside

With the weather being so nice lately, we've been taking advantage and getting out as much as possible. This extended winter was rough on being "stuck" inside so much. And, with Rowena not walkin this winter, imagine taking her out in the snow--not fun. However, the sun is shining, the air is warm, and we are out and about. The girls have been playing a lot of soccer, swinging a ton, and trying to learn how to whistle like Daddy by using a blade of grass. Delaney and Katie are also using sunflower stalks as light sabers, although they have their own inside.

Rowe has mastered walking on the bumpy grass.
Well, somewhat...
Delaney giving Rowe hugs and squeezes
Ahahahaha, I'm still taller than Rowena!
Katie is playing goalie, and is getting ready to defend!
Katie throwing back in after a save...
Teaching Rowena "Star Wars"
Delaney and Katie playing Star Wars with sunflower stalks
Daddy showed the girls how he whistles with a blade of gras...and they are very impressed, and wanted lessons.
Delaney's turn Katie tries too

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Marcia said...

Look at Rowe! What a big girl! What a fun spring/summer you are headed for!