Thursday, April 29, 2010

Occupations of Henderson Parents

In the car today, Katie begins a conversation about "occupations." Here is our conversation:

Katie: "Mom, they're building a new road there."
Mom: "Yeah. The road is all under construction."
Katie: "Yep. It's their job to build roads. That's their occupation."
Mom: "Wow. Katie, that's quite a big word, 'occupation'."
Katie: "Well, I'm learning in school."
Mom: "Do you know what my occupation is?"
Katie: "To take care of us."
Mom: "That's right. Do you know what dad's occupation is?"
Katie: "To make money."
Delaney: "He takes care of people."
Mom: "You're both right. Daddy takes care of people to make money so we can eat and have a house and so mommy can take care of you guys. Do you know how he takes care of people?"
Katie: "Yeah, he looks at people through a big camera."

I think we need to teach them a little more about being a Nuclear Medicine Tech. Katie makes it sound like Peter is a pervert! ahahahha But I am impressed at how much they do pay attention.

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Brian said...

These kids make me laugh everytime! I can't wait for my trip back to ILL