Monday, November 29, 2010

Sibling Meeting

The girls were able to come to the hospital today and meet their new baby brother.  Charlie is already a pro at ignoring them...he slept through their entire visit, and woke up about 1-2 minutes after they left.  The girls were in love right away.  Delaney kept calling him Charles, while Kate called him Charlie, and Rowena called him Baby.  All three girls are in awe of their brother, but were disappointed they couldn't see his eyes.  Katie really wanted to hold him and to carry him around the room.

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Charlie at A Day

It looks like we won't be able to leave today, darn it! Due to my Rh factor being negative and his being positive, Charlie tested positive for Coombs. This means our blood mixed at some point...either during pregnancy or birth (usually birth), so my Rh antibodies are trying to attack his. So, his liver is kind of under-functioning right now. Nothing serious, but it causes him to be jaundice. They tested his billirubin levels and we're waiting for those results. So, he might need IV antibotics and will have to be under the billi-lights. This is what Delaney had when she was born. Thankfully, although all of our children are Rh+, only 2 have had this problem at birth.

Peter is planning on leaving around 3 and bringing the kids here to visit, then will go home to give baths and spend the night at home. I am really hoping we can go home in the morning.  Delaney has her 1st grade performance tomorrow night, and I really don't want to miss it!

I'm wanting to put Charlie in clothes, but they asked us not too, to minimize germs and such. I only have one boy outfit so it's not too big a deal. I have some gender neutral clothes too. He'll be getting circ. later today. That care and such makes me so nervous.

Peter was so cute with Charlie in the middle of the night. After I fed Charlie around 2am, Peter walked around with him, talking with him as Charlie grunted and squeaked...telling him how he has so much to teach him--about X-Men, Star Wars, Iron Man, etc. I think Peter is beyond excited to have a son!

Here are some pics of Charlie at about 14 hours old...

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Charles Peter Henderson

We are proud to announce our

7:14 p.m.
7 lbs, 2 oz.

I had a lot of pressure in the morning, but no contractions. Katie wasn’t feeling well so her and I were relaxing in our bed after decorating for Christmas. I had lunch around 1, and started having contractions, very light, about 10-15 minutes apart shortly after that. I thought it was nothing, but decided to let Peter know anyway. He insisted we go to Kankakee, just in case—better be close and safe than home and sorry. So, around 3, we headed out. Contractions were getting more intense, but still bearable, and they were becoming more consistent—about 5-7 minutes apart.

We got to the hospital around 4, and I was only dilated to 2. However, by 5, I was about a 4 and they ordered an epidural. I didn’t get that until after 6:30 at which time I was full dilated. Doctor got in around 6:45 or so, maybe a little later. I only had to push for three contractions and out was our fourth and final addition to our family. Finally…Peter and I have a son.

I'm feeling great and really hoping we can head home tomorrow night.  Resting at home is much better rest than a hospital.  Although I do have to say, my L&D nurses--Jan, Tracey, and Eileen were amazing.  We are now in recovery and about to get some much needed sleep.  Here are some pics from our afternoon/evening (tomorrow we should get a nice cd with lots of pictures to share, so we didn't take many)...

Before the contractions were too horrible
 My amazing partner!
 Charles Peter
 Wiped out after all the excitment...and being squirt in the face.

 Kisses for his son

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Delaney's 7th Birthday Celebration

Since Goy is due the day after Delaney's 7th birthday...we didn't want to chance me going into labor during the party, or have a bunch of kids over with a newborn, so we decided to have her party a little early.  Delaney was really excited, and didn't complain once about having the party two weeks early.  She decided to have an all girl party and have it full of fun crafts.  The girls decorated their take-home bags, then they made their very own hair bows, followed by bracelet-making.  Then it was on to and cake.  We finished the party with presents and a fun pull-string pinata.
Delaney's birthday cake
Decorating their gift-bags

Making bows
The party guests with their bows:
Alexis, Delaney, Kyla, Julia
Grace, Katie, Gwen
Everyone getting ready for "PIZZA, PIZZA, PIZZA"
 After everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to Delaney and she finally got all those candles out.
 PRESENT TIME!!!  She got some great gifts!

Pinata!  Since it was dark and cold out, we decided to go with a pull-string pinata over one which needs to be hit with a bat.  Everyone got to pull a string and really enjoy all the candy that Peter ripped out!

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Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving this year was so laid back and relaxing.  I loved it!  It was small and low-key, but we had great company and good food.  Our celebration began on Wednesday around noon, when we went to Grammie and Poppy's and Wesley and Leann arrived.  We had a nice lunch with some fun appetizers and dips, followed by a tres yummy lasagna dinner.  We played a ton of games and relaxed while watching Toy Story 3.

Thanksgiving began around 9am.  Peter and Wesley cooked breakfast, which was very good.  For lunch we just had veggies and dip and some more appetizer dips.  Dinner was ready much earlier than expected, but we were all ready to indulge.  The day was filled with more fun and games.  Oh, and a WONDERFUL announcment was made...Wesley and Leann are expecting their first baby in July.  CONGRATULATIONS!  The girls are so excited to finally have a first cousin, while Peter and I can't wait to be called Uncle Pete and Aunt Amy and have a neice or nephew of our own!!!  WOO  HOO!
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Peter...A Happy Dad!

And people keep thinking we need a son...
Our girls love just about everything Peter does...movies--many genres, video games, board games--including Risk, comic books, reading, etc.
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Silly Rowe!

Just some pictures of Rowena the past few days of her being her silly self!

Rowe just loves the baby's travel swing.  I hope she'll share it once Goy arrives!

I think all three of the girls have done this...wearing Peter's shoes and hat.  Too cute!

Doesn't she look like such a big girl here?  Gosh, she's getting old too fast on us!!!

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