Sunday, November 14, 2010

Rowe Being Silly

Rowena is hilarious.  She does something(s) everyday that just crack us up or leave us asking "Where did that come from?"  Her speech is still minimal, which can be very frustrating for parent and child, but she seems to continue to get what she needs, and probably too much of what she wants.  She's a great eater; will eat just about anything from smoked pulled pork to chorizo scrambled eggs to plain syrup on her plate.  She has stuck with her morning routine of warm milk and dry cereal while she watches a couple of shows.  This morning she decided that her and mom were going to start the day at 5:15 after a wonderful, exhausting night of dancing at a wedding.

As I sit her typing, Rowe is entertaining me by taking clean clothes out of the basket and putting them on her head and walking around (not being able to see).  She just laughes as she smashes into a wall or trips over a toy.  Oh, and she also loves to wear other people's underwear around her neck like a necklace.  Let's just say it's a less than fabulous look, but cracks us up.  She continues to do very well in her big girl bed, but I'm a bit nervous about how she will do when we move her into Delaney and Katie's room.  I think she really likes her room.  And, if/when she does get used to the girls' room, how will she be when we move her back??? This is our plan: while Goy is little and getting up every couple hours, Rowe will share a room with Delaney and Katie.  Once Goy is sleeping through the night better (i.e. 12-5), then we'll move Rowena back.  So, we'll see how it goes.

Here are some recent pictures I've taken of Rowena that make me giggle and really show off her humor...

Refusing to get up after a long walk (Trick-or-Treating).  She just laid there and laughed every time I said, "Okay, let's go back outside to play."  So, we ended up staying inside the rest of the night--which was fine with me.
"Fixing" her nightlight/song box
 Climbing back out of the toybox after she climbed in and just laughed at herself.
 She LOVES when Riggs goes under the ottoman and sticks his head out.  She just pokes at his mouth and various facial features.
 This is after she hid her Baby Jaguar toy/stuffed animal in her shirt and she says (in her own way) "Where'd he go?"

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