Monday, November 15, 2010

Home Stretch

I can't believe it...we're in the home stretch.  Today I am 36 weeks along...we only have four weeks left until we expect to meet our newest, and last, HenderBaby!  We are getting ready for Goy's arrival.  We have taken down Riggs' crate and have the bassinett in the family room.  We have his/her diapers all washed and put away.  Now all we have left is to wash the 0-3 month gender neutral clothes and put the mattress in the crib back up to the highest level.

So here is how I progressed over the pregnancy...

At 5 weeks, 5 days...April 15th

At 20 weeks...July 27th

At 27 weeks...September 13th

At 36 weeks...November 15th


I'm pretty excited. 

UPDATE: As of Wednesday (11/17) the doctor wasn't going to do an internal exam until 38 weeks, but when I mentioned I didn't make it to 38 weeks with 2 of the girls, she did one.  I'm not progressing too much, but am dialated to 1cm and am "very thin" in the world of effacing.  I have been instructed to stay off my feet as much as possible, no heavy lifting, and no least until my next appointment on Tuesday, November 23rd, as they want to ensure I make it to 37 weeks (i.e. full term).  We'll keep you posted!!!
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Patty said...

Happy times!! You look great!!

Marcia said...

So exciting Amy!! No wonder you keep having babies! You look great!! Big Hugs for these next exciting weeks!!

Connie Krebs said...

Yay for bellies! You look awesome Mama!

Brian said...


Jessica J said...

You look amazing! Enjoy these last few weeks :)