Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ready for School? Definitely Ready to be a Big Girl!

I do not fear that Rowe will want to be a "baby" again once Goy arrives.  She emulates her sisters too much.  She is always trying to be a big girl.  She likes to sit at the table and not in a high chair, tries to dress herself, wants to drink out of a regular cup vs. a sippy, etc.  In fact...the other day, she was ready for school.  I thought it was SOOOO cute!  She even backed up to the front door for me to take a picture like I do with her sisters.  She was really proud to be sportin' a backpack!!!

How cute is she!?!
Of course, Peter and I kept quoting Something About Mary "Have you seen my baseball?"  ahahhahahah
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