Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Wedding...and I Feel Old

Growing up I couldn't stand when adults would make comments similar to: "OH, I remember when you were this big!" as they put their hand down to their knee.  Even just last week it irritated me when my brother turned THIRTY and people said to me "Oh my, I still think of him as 7."  Really?  You truly can't imagine him older than 7?  I realize that it is just natural, and because the generation before us said it, we say, etc, etc.  I catch myself making these comments and I slap myself in my imagination for doing the very thing that irritates me.  So, yesterday as I watched a beautiful woman get married I had to bite my tongue to not make comments like "Oh, I used to babysit you" or "Gosh, I can't believe you're old enough to get married..." or "I remember you when you used to suck your thumb."  I think I did a pretty good job.

Heidi O got married yesterday to her college sweetheart.  They have a 4 1/2 year old son, and last fall, Brandyn proposed.  I have known Heidi almost since her birth.  My mom babysat her (at-home daycare) and my dad was her teacher for grades 1-3, I believe.  As she grew up, I think I was one of her main babysitters...for her and her sister, Gabi (who is Wesley's age).  I have spent the night at their home and in fact, I lived with them for a summer.  This is a wonderful, generous, welcoming family that I am grateful to know, and honored to be a part of their lives.  So, seeing as I have known Heidi since she was "this big" it was amazing to sit in a pew yesterday and watch her exchange vows.  I went through this a few years ago when Gabi got married too.

I went to the wedding with my parents while Peter stayed home with the girls, as Rowe was napping.  I got home, we got the girls ready and drove .7 miles to the reception.  The girls had a BLAST!  There were only four other little kids there, Delaney and Katie definitely were the oldest, but they had a great time.  The DJ was awesome--he had props for the kids to play with and actually take home--blow-up guitars and microphones, hats, and maracas.  I don't think they left the dance floor all night.  Rowe had fun dancing (in circles until she would be too dizzy to stand), but would come back and hang out with us every once in a while.  Delaney felt very grown up as she would go to the bar and order a water or a "clear pop."

It was a wonderful celebration and we had fun...although Peter and I were definitely hurting by the time we got home!  In fact, we ended up missing a second wedding because we stayed so late at Heidi's wedding and we were so sore.  Here are pictures from our evening...

Girls were comfy right away; playing with the son and nephew of the bride.
 She looks like she's up to something...
 Katie loved dancing with Daddy!
 Delaney danced with anyone and no one all night!

 Rowe requested Poppy on a few occassions to dance

 Katie with the flower girl (Katie)
 The kids enjoying their new, fun toys!

 Delaney caught the bouquet during "All the Single Ladies"
 Delaney with the bride, Heidi

 During the conga line, they got more fun stuff!

 Heidi dancing with her first grade teacher, my dad!
Congratulations, Heidi and Brandyn!  And, I do remember when you were "this big" and I loved being your babysitter!
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