Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Fun Game for Goy

Here's a fun game for those that want to participate...No money, no prizes (sorry, we suck), but it'll be fun to see everyone's guesses.  We did something similar when pregnant with Delaney.  Funny part is...I wouldn't allow anyone to pick a date more than 14 days before the due date and Nancy wanted to--She would've won!

Go to this website and enter the stats and date/time you think Goy will join our family.  Also...names are kinda up in the air now, for both genders, so leave comments on the blog with some of your name suggestions.

To give you a little help here are the girls stats:

                       Due Date       Arrival Date        Time                    Weight             Height
Delaney:            12/27              12/12           7:34 p.m.             6 lb, 10 oz              19"
Katie:                  8/8                  7/22           2:25 a.m.             7 lb, 2 oz                19"
Rowena:             2/28                 2/25           1:35 p.m.             7 lb, 15 oz              19 1/2 "


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meg shaklee said...

aww... delaney and bella had the same weight and height.

Jessica J said...

I'm so behind on my blog reading....what a fun game. My Gracie was born Dec. 13th so I'm sticking with your due date.