Friday, November 12, 2010

Parent-Teacher Conferences: Fall 2010

So, this is the only the second time that Peter and I have both been able to attend conferences for the girls together.  It's so nice that he can hear how the girls are doing from the teachers too.  I had a feeling we would get good reports, as the girls' school does behavior colors daily, and Katie comes home daily with a "Good Day Award" paper, meaning she was on Green (her class does Green, Yellow, Red) and Delaney is usually on Green or Silver (her class does Silver, Green, Yellow, Blue, Red).  Each day everyone begins on Green, and depending on behavior you stay there, move up or down.  Red means...Principal's Office.

So, we get to school and head down to Katie's teacher.  Mrs. Woodin is so wonderfully nice and patient with the kids; I think she's a great fit with Kate.  Here is what Mrs. Woodin said about Katie:
  • She is very quiet
  • She's a good worker
  • She's smart
  • She is on task with her numbers and alphabet
  • Reading will begin soon, and they will assess her and place her in a group according to her level
  • She participates, but only when called upon (she won't raise her hand, offer input)
  • She socializes very well with her peers, but can also be positively independent
  • She's bright and energetic
  • She behaves appropriate in class, hallways, and gym
  • She shows empathy to her classmates
Katie loves school.  She wants to play school just about every day!  We just got out our large white board (dry-erase board) and she's in heaven.  She also will go around the house and practice her sounds, trying to figure out what letter objects begin with (think "d-d-d-d-door.  Door begins with Da, D").  She's also really into reading. While she's not reading yet, she listens so well to stories.  I think I've read her about 15 Fairy books!  Also, every night when Delaney does her homework, Katie will get out a sheet of paper and practice various things--from writing her alphabet to her numbers to drawing shapes.

Delaney has a perfectly matched teacher, I think.  Of course, I don't really know any of the other 1st grade teachers.  But, she loves Mrs. Lindner and I think she's learning a ton.  I just hope she's being challenged enough to keep her interested but not too much she becomes discouraged.  Here is what Mrs. Lindner had to say about Delaney:
  • She has wonderful behavior at school
  • She is an active participant
  • She is ready to be challenged more
  • Her reading skills are great, as are her writing skills and we should continue to read with her daily
  • She does well with math and handwriting
  • Mrs. Lindner is ready to challenge her more
  • She is testing at 100% of all the "proficiency" items thus far
  • She is social, but appropriate
Delaney gets "Excellent" and "Meets Expectations/Standards" on everything she turns in.  Her handwriting has improved since school started and she's paying closer attention to detail.  She's becoming more creative and is very concerned about her quality of work.  She loves to read and is obsessed with "chapter" books.  She's really into the "Magic Treehouse" books.  I believe she's on her fifth one.  She's very sensitive, but also competitive.

I must say we are pretty proud!  I hope they both continue to love school and learning the way they do right now.  It makes life so easy when our kids don't fight us on going to school, doing homework, or reading.  They both really strive to be smart, learn, and improve.  They're receptive to challenges and not opposed to receiving help and guidance.  Well Done, Delaney and Katie! Keep up the great work.  Mom and Dad are so very, very proud of you both!!!
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