Monday, November 1, 2010

November...A Good Start

We have a wonderful start to November!  I know, I's only the first day, but it was a great first day! 

1.  I signed a contract with a private practice...and have my first client next Monday!  WOOHOO
2.  I got my LPC number.  Yeah, that's right.  I am officially a Licensed Professional Counselor and can put those initials behind my name when I sign things.
3.  We had Parent-Teacher Conferences tonight and the teachers only had wonderful things to say about the girls (more to come in another post).
4.  Tomorrow is election day and we FINALLY won't have to listen to the annoying ads on TV or our answering machine.
5.  According to the due date...we have only SIX weeks left until we meet our newest and final member to the Henderson Clan.
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Patty said...

That is excellent news Amy...Congrats on all you shared!!

Anonymous said...

To Amy Henderson, LPC

Congratulations! Things are looking good!

From Dawn Ruch, MS in Ed. (come on,this is the only time I'll get to sign my name that way...$12,000 well spent:) )

Marcia said...

That is an excellent start to November! Hugs to you and all!!