Monday, June 29, 2009


They may have their moments of arguing, or not getting along, but for the most part the Hendersons and Ruchs are the bestest of friends! We couldn't ask for better neighbors.

Uncle Dan's Visit

We were so lucky to have Uncle Dan come in for a few days to visit and meet Rowena. On Thursday we went up to Grandpa (Craig) and Paula's for a day at the beach, fishing, and boating.

We came home to order in pizza, have some tasty red wine that Dan brought and asked him to be Rowena's Godfather. (which, btw, he said yes).

On Friday Dan and I took the girls to the zoo. Sadly it was EXTREMELY hot, so we only lasted 2 hours...which we spent at the splash pad and looking at bears. I forgot to bring my camera-damnit. We had a kickarse dinner--grilled steak and baked potatoes, and some beers. Then watched one of the new-er James Bond movies.

On Saturday, Katie woke up Uncle Dan and after breakfast and watching some cartoons, we took him to the train station and said our Goodbyes.

Thanks for a wonderful visit, Uncle Dan! Can't wait to see you in a few months!


I love giving the kids a lot of fruit in the summer time. It's refreshing, healthy, and a wonderful snack. Well, I've been making fruit salad with raspberries, black berries, strawberries, grapes, blueberries, pineapple, etc. It's gone in SECONDS!!! I bring it out...and no matter what the kids are doing, they flock to the berries, fighting over who is taking more, shoveling it in their mouths, and grabbing as much as they can! Too funny!

Little Miss Popular

Being a baby is key on our cul-de-sac! Rowena is very popular! I bring her out...and the kids flock to me. It's so cute because I call Rowe "chunky monkey" and "fatty-bo-batty" and our neighbor, Gwen (who just turned 3) gets really mad at me..."Her name is ROWENA, Amy!" Hilarious! Rowe already has people protecting her and sticking up for her. So sweet. The kids take turns holding her and playing with her. It's pretty cute.

$$ Allowance $$

Delaney has been amazing about taking Riggs out without being asked. She takes him out several times a soon as she wakes up, before we leave the house, as soon as we get home, before bed. She started doing this without ever being asked, and she's kept it up for several months now. She also is very good about cleaning up her messes without fighting or complaining. So, we decided to give the girls (mostly Delaney) an allowance. Some of their other chores are setting the table, helping bring in groceries, and cleaning their room and the basement (i.e. the playroom/toy room). They get a whole $2 a week. And, after saving it in their princess banks for a while, we count their money and they split it 50/50. Half goes into a spending fund and the other goes into their savings accounts. They love doing it and know that sometimes it takes a while to get enough money to buy anything. Well, on Father's Day, Delaney wanted to count her money. She had over $50 in her bank, while Kate almost had $40. So, with 1/2 of their amounts in their to Toys R Us we went. Kate picked up almost EVERYTHING she saw and finally settled on a Tinker Bell house. Delaney--who was very smart about her spending--bought many small things and was able to get 6 Littlest Pet Shop toys and still keep $5 for next time.

Lots to Post, Lots to Post...

...but homework has to come first, sadly. I have some updates on Rowena and her 4 month checkup and some great pictures and video of her eating cereal for the first time. Also, the older girls have been doing some fun things that I can't wait to tell you about. Sorry for the posts being all at once, and then nothing for days or weeks. I'll try to do better--but doubt it'll happen.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

To all the amazing fathers out there...HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!

And, to the most wonderful father in the world, Peter...thank you so much for all of your patience, love, support, imagination, and time that you dedicate to our loving, frustrating, hilarious daughters! They are SO lucky to have you as their father! We love you very much!

Yep, They're Big Kids Now!

Not sure if we made a big mistake in starting this, but what's done is done, right? The kids love being like the "big" kids on the block, so if one of the adults (me, Peter, Dawn, or Curt) are outside, the kids are allowed to ride their bikes in the street and cul-de-sac. They absolutely LOVE being big kids!

Jeeps belong on the street, right?
I love this picture. Reminds me of the Shriners at a parade!This picture could be used for commercial purposes! Too funny!
Delaney showing off her new trick--riding with just ONE hand! Go Delaney! (She is also proud that she can ride with "no feet")

Is this their first date? ahahaha

Summer is now officially here...let the never-ending fun times begin!


At the end of a busy day of dancing and playing...the girls passed out in the basement watching Avatar.

Fun After the Recital

After the recital, we headed home for some grilling and fun outside.

Delaney on the slip-n-slide
Enjoying a yummy lunch out in the shade

Rowena enjoying the beautiful weather.

Getting Grammie SOAKING wet! ahahha

Cracking up after getting Poppy all wet.
Hanging out with Nana

Enjoying a blue ghost from the ice cream truck...and getting DISGUSTING!

There's a reason we call her Josi-Grossy! This actually STAINED her skin! Hm. Makes me question if it's safe to eat...
All in all...a GREAT day!

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Another year, another dance recital. I love this weekend! We have dress rehearsal on Friday and the actual recital on Saturday. After the recital we give the girls their flowers, who, btw, are so excited to see us! We then head home and proceed to cookout and relax for the rest of the day. The girls quickly change into their swimming suits and head out for our pool and slip-n-slide. This year their (personal) audience consisted of Mommy, Daddy, Rowe, Nana, Grammie, and Poppy. Delaney and Katie were so awesome on stage! Delaney's performance was the first of the show. She did GREAT out there! She knew her routine very well, and her form is getting better. Her class consisted of 9 girls ages 4-5 1/2. The routine was a tap dance to a Christina Applegate song (from the musical she was in a few years ago). Her only thing was that she played with her hat a little (as it was a bit tight/itchy). Last year, Katie did so well. She was completely clueless to anyone in the audience and just did her thing. This year, she was a little more aware. She stood around quite a bit, doing little of the dance. She kept looking for us, and she waved a couple times. I cannot wait to watch the dvd of the performance! Hilarious! Katie's class had 4 girls, all 3 years old, I believe. They danced to Enchanted's "Little Working Song." Here are some pictures from the recital (although, no pictures can be taken during the performance).With their dance instructor, Ms. Emily

Oh Boy! Are We In Trouble!

Man oh Man! Delaney is loving Spencer right now. Here are some recent conversations I've had with Delaney over the past week.

Conversation 1:
Scenerio: I'm getting ready to take a shower at my parents' on Wednesday morning, and Delaney is in the bathroom talking with me.
Me: Delaney, you have to shut the door.
Delaney: Why?
Me: Well, because I'm getting undressed and I need my privacy.
Delaney: Oh, because Poppy can't see you naked?
Me: Right. That would be inappropriate.
Delaney: But, Daddy can see you naked right?
Me: Yes, Daddy can.
Delaney: Daddy can see your boobies, right? Because you're married.
Me: Yes, that's right. JUST because we're married.
Delaney (who is now getting very excited, clapping her hands, then covering her mouth): Oh!!!!! I hope I get to marry Spencer so he can see my boobies!

Conversation 2:
Scenerio: Peter and Delaney are talking about her day (Friday).
Delaney: I peed outside.
Pete: Wait. What?
Delaney: I peed outside. But it's okay, Daddy. I went behind the bushes so no one would see.
Pete: Really?
Delaney: Yeah, I peed with Julia and Spencer.
Pete: You peed with Julia and Spencer?
Delaney: Well, me and Spencer peed. Julia wanted to wait.

Great. She's just like me! Peeing outside with the boys because she doesn't want to come inside. Fabulous! I'm wondering how much they (Delaney and Spencer) saw of each other, seeing as they were both peeing outside behind the bushes!

Conversation 3:
Scenerio: I'm talking with Katie in the kitchen on Friday
Katie: What are you going to do with Daddy?
Me: We're going to go on a date.
Katie: What's a date?
Me: Well, a date is when you do something special with someone you really like. You might go to the movies, or to dinner, or for a walk.
Katie: Oh. You're going to go on a date with Daddy.
Me: Yeah, and sometimes at the end of the date, if you really like the person, and if the person is really, really can give them a kiss. But, just like this: (and I give Katie a little kiss/peck)
Delaney: Oh, well, I can't wait to go on my first date with Spencer!

Spencer...are YOU ready for Delaney???

Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Day at the Beach: Grandpa and Paula's

We had such a wonderful day Sunday at Grandpa and Paula's! We started off by picking up munchkins to eat on the road, and arrived to Long Lake Beach by 11:15. We went straight to the beach...because Riggs jump out of the car before Pete could get the leash on him. We got in our swim gear and went right in. Kate couldn't wait to tell me how she went under water and it was "SO COOL, MOM!" Delaney was right there with her, swimming, dipping her head in, and going out as deep as her neck.

It was Rowena's first time in a swimsuit, at the beach, or in water other than in her bathtub. She screamed when I put her in the water...which was probably due to the it was a bit colder than her bath water. We had a little scare while at the beach. Delaney and Katie both had on their wetsuit life-preservers (THANKFULLY). Kate was in one of those blow-up boats, and tried to get out, when the boat flipped over on her. She was under for not even a minute, but it was one of those moments that went in slow motion. Pete had gone back to the house to get changed, Craig was socializing with some neighbors, and Paula and I kinda froze. I gave Rowena to Paula, and ran as fast as I could through waist-deep water, to get Kate. The look on her face was complete fear. I felt bad for her, but I think she has a true respect for the water now! She stayed in the water, but was very cautious and refused to go deep, or in the boat without her Daddy.

Out pretty far...

Trying to get out, after we told her many times not to. This was RIGHT before the boat went over! :( I had to throw the camera down, give Rowe to Paula, and run/swim to her.

Safe with Daddy...

Liking hanging at the beach more than in the water...

Katie and Rowe--enjoying the beach.

Our little fish...Trying out the water again...
I love it!

Taking a break with Paula and Grandpa

Warming up...
After playing at the beach for a bit, we went back to the house for some yummy lunch. Delaney and Katie both brough their brand new Barbie fishing poles that Uncle Brian got them. Grandpa and Pete got those out and ready, and Grandpa began to dig around all of his plants to get some worms. Delaney enjoyed fishing for a while before Grandpa had her go to the shaded area. Once she moved, she caught a fish pretty quickly and was so very excited. Delaney fished for quite a while, and Kate didn't show much interest. She preferred her raspberries and blueberries in a cup. After lunch we went out on the boat. Kate helped Grandpa drive us out to the middle of the lake where we hung out for a while. We talked Pete into getting in, and shortly after--both Delaney and Kate were in too. It didn't take much for Delaney to talk Grandpa into the water...although after his dive in, he didn't stay in long. Delaney practiced swimming in the deeper water, as well as floating on her back. She had to be reminded to relax and to try to stay calm. She did great and is very brave. Kate got into the water too, but kept saying how she didn't want to go under. I think her earlier scare will stay with her for a while. After swimming, it was Delaney's turn to drive us back home.

Getting ready to fish...
Delaney's FIRST FISH!!!

Loving the boat.

Rowena's first boat ride

Waiting for the steering wheel to cool...

A perfect picture...
Enjoying a warm, sunny day on the boat...
Pretending to surf
Swimming back to the boat.PARTY!
Ney's turn to drive...

When we got back I think we went straight back to the beach for some more swimming. This time Kate spent a little more time playing in the sand. Delaney was about 50/50 in the water and sand. Rowe was done for the day. She was still as happy as always, but that was enough sun for her. I took her back to the house, where we jammed out to my iPod and hung with the dogs. After the second trip to the beach, both Delaney and Katie wanted to fish. Kate barely got her pole casted (with no worm, I might add) and caught her first fish. Grandpa had filled a bucket with some lake water for us to keep the fish in for the day. Delaney ended up catching 3 fish and Katie 2. Oh, and Pete caught a fish too...the smallest one!


Fishing with her Grandpa.

We had such an amazing day...and now, everyone is passed out! Thank you to Grandpa and Paula for your wonderful hospitality, great food, and company!