Sunday, March 29, 2009


Delaney was diagnosed with bronchitis on Wednesday. Dr. Paul told us to watch for fevers of 102 or higher and vomiting phlegm. Well, it's Sunday, and yesterday, Katie developed a cough. Boo! We woke up this morning to some beautiful snow, and Kate couldn't wait to go out and play. She did go out, but didn't last too long. Both girls are pretty wiped out, and watching movies. Both have slight fevers-Delaney at 100 and Katie at 101. Both have wonderful sounding coughs (if you could hear me say this aloud, you would note some sarcasm in my voice). Thankfully Rowena hasn't shown any signs of this. Here's hoping she stays in the clear!

So, girls are stuck at home, and we're pushing fluids. STAY AWAY from us!!! So, now I need to clean and disinfect the house.

Some New Videos

I (finally) posted some new videos on youtube. I can't promise anything exciting, but here you go...

Tummy Time

Katie Eating a Muffin

Katie at the Bookstore

Rowena at One Month...hanging out early in the morning with Mommy and Daddy

Friday, March 27, 2009

Sisters? Best Sisters!

Delaney and Katie have a cute little saying that goes between them...

It begins:
"Best Sisters"

Everytime I hear it, I smile. They've been doing this for quite sometime, and I think there's an old post on here somewhere with this already on it...but I thought I'd write it again!

Delaney and I went shopping on Tuesday, and she picked out matching dresses for her and Kate. So, to all those haters out there when I dress them's not just me. They love dressing alike-at least for now!

Some Other Recent Photos

When we took Rowena to the doctor for her one month check up, Dr. Paul heard Delaney's cough, and was concerned. After he checked her out...he diagnosed her with bronchitis. :( So, she's now on a nebulizer/breathing treatment three times a day. She does really well with it. He thinks we'll have to do some preventative measures in the spring time from now on, because her allergies are so bad and really effect her breathing.

Pete looking through his Entertainment Weekly via 3-D glasses. Poor didn't work for him. But we had a good laugh, as he looked like an idiot (I mean that lovingly) and he was trying to hide what he was doing...ahahhaah

Sleeping on Daddy...Too cute!
Delaney helping the batteries, by pushing the swing with her foot.

Holding Rowena after swinging...and when she's hungry. Delaney didn't want to hold her long since Rowe was so hungry, and pretty fussy.


Delaney and Katie LOVE books. They love "reading" and looking at books. I think we're developing the healthy love for literature that Nancy and Craig created in the Henderson boys! They each pick 1-2 stories to read (or have read to them) every night before bed. Since the weather was cold and rainy on Monday, we didn't end up going to the zoo. Instead, we had a movie day at home, and went to the book store. Both girls got to pick out a book, and then picked out a book for Rowena. They loved the bookstore, and we were there for about an hour. The girls looked through different books, we read them a couple books, and Katie performed an entire episode of Blue's Clues on the stage that Barnes and Noble has in the kids' section. I'm SOOO bummed I didn't realize I had the camera until she was I didn't capture much on video (which will be uploaded to youtube later today).

Time with Rowena...ONE MONTH ALREADY!!!

Rowena has been doing very well.

Night Time
We're very lucky and very grateful to her night time routine, and the fact that she has day and night down very well for her age. I have a good friend (love you Reanna) who is currently struggling with this exact thing with her daughter, Ava (who is just two weeks older than Rowe, and they were due the same day). Rowe usually is up for 1-2 hours at a time during the day, and will fade in and out of naps for about 15 minutes at a time, and sometimes take a nice 1 1/2 hour nap. Her doctor told us to not allow a nap to last for more than 2 hours, as it might take away from her night sleeping. She's gone as long as 5 hours at night at a time, but averages around 4 hours. It allows for me to have some great chunks of sleep, which is vital to my sanity and the wellbeing of our other 2 children! :)

Rowena and I have this nursing thing down now, which is wonderful. For the first 2 weeks, her and I struggled for a good latch-on, a schedule, and regulating the milk flow. Now we're on a 3-3 1/2 hour schedule, and she can eat (drink) a meal in about 15 minutes total. Not too bad. She also takes a bottle very well--which is great for all of us! Pete feeds her on Mondays when I'm gone all day, and usually takes a night-time feeding on the nights he doesn't have to work the next day.

Rowe still isn't "playing" yet, but she does love her swing. She also does pretty well with tummy time, and just hanging out laying on her back. We still don't do tummy time as much as we should. I tend to forget about it during the day.

We've been fortunate that all of the grandparents were able to make it to visit and meet Rowena within the first few days of her arrival. She even got to meet an uncle (Wesley) and can't wait to meet the other three. Brian has his trip booked, and will be arriving in just three weeks. Hopefully the Henderson Uncles will be able to make a trip back to the midwest soon. We miss you!!! I've also had some friends, as well as Aunt Terry, Merre, Autumn and GAP-Aunt Patty, come over to visit and meet our newest addition.

Coming Up...
With the weather becoming nicer (except for this weekend), we will be spending more time outside, going to parks, going on walks, and weekly trips to Brookfield. We invite any and all of our friends who have nothing better to do on a Wednesday, to meet us at the Carousel! Of course, the weather hasn't been nice enough give us about a month.

Rowe should be starting to focus more on our faces and react more to our voices. She already tends to respond well to my voice, as she associates that with yummy goodness. She's growing SO fast, which makes me sad. I definitely don't think we're done having kids!!!

Doctor Appointment
Rowe is weighing in at 9 lbs, 8 oz, which is 5 oz more than both Delaney and Katie weighed at one month. Not bad for being 21 oz bigger than Delaney and 13 oz bigger than Kate at birth. Dr. Paul said that Rowena is doing well and looking great. We go back again at 2 months and that's when the fun begins...SHOTS! I'll be sure to capture that on film! We also get to start introducing food around 3 months--if I remember correctly. Maybe it's 4 months. Sadly, I'll admit that I can't remember that. I do remember how often we visit the doctor though the first year. I think they actually charge new parents rent when billing us!

Dressing Themselves

Delaney and Kate are both great about dressing themselves. Often, Kate will want to get dressed as soon as she wakes up. Delaney, on the other hand, wouldn't mind staying in pj's most of the day. They both like to pick out their own clothes, which I find adorable. Especially when they come up with outfits like this one:

Of course, the shirt and skirt match-and are super cute. But the pink, red, and purple striped tights and dirty brown, white, and pink plaid shoes really make the outfit!

Saturday, March 21, 2009 Spanish

I'm not a huge fan of "Dora the Explorer" to begin with. The songs and constant repeating of words irritate the you-know-what out of me. Well, it just so happens to be one of Katie's current fave shows. It's a show that is on about 2-4 times a day on weekdays (not that we watch it that often), but is somewhat difficult to find on the weekends. This morning Katie really wanted to watch Dora over the Disney shows that are on. Well, I found it, turned it on, and about 5 minutes into the show, realized it was on the spanish channel. Great. It's bad enough when I can understand it! So...I sit here, updating the blog, watching and listening to Dora in all Spanish. Delaney comes downstairs and says "I don't understand what they're saying." And, Katie simply says "I like Dora and I like Spanish." win.

Tummy Time

We're probably supposed to be doing tummy-time a lot more than we are. I think that's why Delaney didn't roll over until she was 5 months! I'm trying to get Rowena on her belly a couple times a day. It'll help build her upper-body strength, and help her roll-over quicker. Riggs sure likes it when we do any type of floor time with Rowe, as he gets to get up close and personal with her. He's been very good with her, and it's pretty cute when he lays next to her.

Preparing for Motherhood...

On Thursday, Katie brought one of her baby dolls upstairs, lifted up her shirt and put the doll to her chest/belly. I asked her what she was doing, and she replied, "I'm feeding my baby." I thought it was pretty cute. Delaney immediately went to the basement to get her doll and proceeded to do the same. Then they brought up all of their baby doll gear and did the various things I do with Rowena throughout the day. Delaney even set up the puppet theater and put on a show for Katie and their babies. They're definitely getting more into dolls and playing "mommy" now that Rowe is here.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Delaney Gets Glasses

So, since Delaney is starting Kindergarten in the fall, there are several things required by Illinois public schools. She needs a physical, dental exam, and a eye exam. Her physical will be next month, and she'll get some shots. Her dental exam was Monday, and went VERY well--no cavities for her. However, the dentist that because of her overbite, she will need orthodontic work in the future (as will Kate who also has an overbite). And, then today I took Delaney for her first eye exam. And...she is farsighted and has astigmatism in both eyes. Her right eye is slightly worse. is Delaney in her NEW glasses. She got 2 pair-pink and red. She was very excited. The doctor said she needs to wear them all day while at school and when she reads, writes, colors, or is on the computer.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Model Sister

Kate took a break from playing outside on Sunday and was playing with and teaching Rowena. It was pretty cute. There's a little video too, on youtube. She's becoming such a good big sister. We're very proud of her, and pleasantly surprised! :)

Sunday-Our Family Day

Because of the way we've worked our schedule to minimize needing daycare, we rarely have time together as a whole family. Pete and I have worked really well together to make this work for us, and to increase the time the girls have with one of us. The only negative part, is that Pete and I really only see each other in the evenings, when we're both exhausted and we only have one day together as a whole family. That day is Sunday. This weekend, Sunday was GORGEOUS! We spent most of the day outside, the kids playing with the neighbors. The kids' new fave thing is to hang upside-down from the monkey bars. Here are some pics of them having fun, playing "Colored Eggs," hanging upside-down, and being silly. The first picture is our neighbor, Dawn, enjoying Rowena...We personally think they should add to the joy of the cul-de-sac by having #4, and trying ONE more time to give their son, Spencer, a brother! (wink, wink, Ruchs!)

Trip to the Dentist

Okay, so I hate to admit this, but we took both Delaney and Katie to the dentist yesterday, for the FIRST TIME EVER! Yikes. Guess it wasn't so bad we waited this long. Delaney's teeth got an A+, with no cavities. Kate has one small cavity, that will be easily filled next month. Both girls did FANTASTIC. They listened to the hygientist and did what they were told. Delaney was extremely nervous about going, but was giggling and smiling throughout the check-up. Pete and I were very proud, and happy with the pediatric dentist we found.

Oh-and a side note, they weighed and measured the girls...Delaney is 42 lbs, and 42", while Katie is 29 lbs (and I didn't hear what her height was). Kate might actually break the 30 lb marker by the time she's four!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Our new camera takes movies/videos in a .mov form, which blogspot won't allow me to upload. So, feel free to check out youtube to see our videos that we take now and then of the girls. We enjoy reading the comments, both on youtube and on here, so keep 'em coming. Here is a link to our youtube page.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Two Weeks, Two Days

So, Rowe is about 1/2 month old already. Yep, that's two whole weeks (and a couple days). People say she's changing already, and I can't believe how big she seems to feel already. She continues to do well throughout the night, and we're going to try to hold her off to eating every 3 1/2 hours now (go an extra 1/2 hour). Her cord has been off for over a week now, and we're starting some tummy time. She seems to like it okay, and she has a fairly strong neck. We just need her to start working on the arm muscles. She was my buddy today as I worked on homework, and will be on Fridays while Delaney and Katie get to spend the day with Poppy.
Sleeping Beauty
Trying to eat the floor during tummy time.
Some close-up time with RiggsNot a happy girl!

Put Them Together...and You'll Have a Whole Outfit!

Here are pics of Delaney and Katie enjoying some sherbert that Daddy bought. Both decided that whole outfits were not appropriate for eating straight out of the container.