Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rowena Dale Henderson

We'd like to announce the birth of the NEWEST Henderson Member...

FEBRUARY 25, 2009
1:48 p.m.
7 lbs, 15 oz.

Pete and I arrived at St. Joe's around 7:30. Our nurse was Maureen, and although a little chatty, she was very nice. After taking a while to get us all checked-in and to find Dr. Egan's orders, I got pitocin around 9:45. I felt the contractions immediately, but they weren't unbearable. Then, around 12:15, I felt a horrible, sharp pain, I stood up and my water broke. Then, it was all over! The pain was horrible and I asked for the epidural. They got it in around 12:35 or so, but it wasn't really taking. They had to give me 'push' of the meds, but still nothing. My feet and legs were super numb and heavy, but nothing really touched the pain. When I got the epidural, I was dilated to 3-4, and around 1, I was to 7, and the nurse called the doc. Pete said the nurse was a little frantic, nervous that the doc wouldn't get there in time. Doc got there around 1:20-1:30. I pushed for about 15 min or so, and she was out at 1:48.

Grammie brought Delaney and Katie to visit around 4 p.m. When Delaney heard the news that she had another sister, she was a little upset. However, once walking into the hospital room and seeing Rowe, she fell in love. She was very sweet with her, as was Katie. Both were very gentle and enjoyed giving her kisses. They also loved showing off their gifts that Grammie helped them buy for their new sister. Poppy came to visit around 4:30 and got to hold his newest granddaughter.

Rowe got her first bath around 5:30, and it was the most she cried since she was born. She's a pretty quiet baby (so far...). After her bath she had to stay under the warming lights for an hour. She was so alert, quiet, and just hanging out. She finally fell asleep and had herself a good nap. She's nursing well, and really likes to suck. She's a big fan of her paci.

I saw my doc this morning, and he was going to keep us until tomorrow, but my charm and butt-kissing abilities worked and he gave discharge orders for today (whew-because I slept HORRIBLY at the hospital). One of the docs from Dr. Paul's office came in to see Rowe, and also gave us the okay once she was 24 hours, as long as we made an appointment to see the doc again tomorrow at the office. So-around 5:30, Pete and myself brought home Rowe. The girls were VERY excited to have her home. They were quick to show Rowe the house, her room, their room, and the basement (which Delaney had cleaned). Katie has been so adorably helpful, and both girls love holding her and touching her.

We're all doing well, are home and happy...

Monday, February 23, 2009

Birl Update...Today's Appointment

The ultrasound went well, as did the final NST. We have had 13 ultrasounds and 8 NST's with this baby--WOW! Birl is looking great, healthy, and active. I'm not sure what his/her estimated weight is because today only the fluid was measured. There's not much of a change with me-except that I'm now 75% effaced and between 1-2 cm dilated. Also, the baby's head is down and ready. Doc is still wanting to induce, so it looks like the official day will be Wednesday. Hopefully we'll have internet access at the hospital, so we can keep everyone posted on status and the birth. While I am excited, I'm extremely overwhelmed right now with decisions, emotions, and fear. I'm sure things will be fine, and the fact that we know when we'll be going to the hospital alleviates a lot of stress from those involved. Pete can let his boss know ahead of time, and definitely be there when things are happening (I won't have to get myself the hospital, or him not get there in time--if he were at work), we don't have to worry about where the girls are and who is with them--although we did have plans set up. So...Pete and I are to arrive at St. Joe's around 7am on Wednesday morning for me to start getting all hooked up to iv's and pitocin and gowned. Things won't happen as quickly as they did with Kate, but hopefully won't take as long as they did with Delaney.

Stay tuned for updates and reports on our newest addition to the Henderson Clan...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Birl Update...Yesterday's Appointment

The ultrasound went well, as did the NST. I've actually lost count on how many we've had, but it's been a lot. The heartrate ranges from 130-165, depending on when the baby is at rest of active. There has still be no change (from the internal exam), but at this point, I've stopped expecting any change! :) It'll happen, it's just a matter of time. The doc is still concerned about me getting to the hospital on time, and has suggested (much to Pete's happiness) to begin maternity leave. Last Monday he mentioned inducing this Friday (2/20), but realized that's still more than 7 days before the due date. So, if Birl is still not here by Monday (2/23), he said he wants to discuss inducing in more depth.

Birl's Weight: 7 lbs, 2 oz (same exact weight of Kate at birth)
Birl's Heartrate: 130-165 bpm
My Weight Gain: 27 lbs
Dilation: 1cm
Effacement: 50%

All I have to this pregnancy has been very different from the girls. It's been a lot more stressful, especially the past 4 months. I'm trying to take things slow now, relax a bit, and just enjoy my extra time with the girls, and get homework done so I'm a little ahead of the game. Although, I have to admit, I can't wait to meet this little!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Friday Fun...Gymnastics Chez Henderson

After being home since Monday night, I've been going quite stir-crazy. Thankfully Pete was home on Tuesday, which was wonderful. Plus the weather was gorgeous, so we were outside quite a bit (look at the "First Popsicle of the Year" post). But, after nothing much going on but house and school work all day Wednesday and Thursday, Friday I was pretty antsy. I think the girls were too! So, I took them to the mall for a little walk, some lunch, shopping, and then to the small play area. I thought that would've burned a lot of energy, but I think it just fueled the fire! ahahaha. We got home, and turned the family room into a gymnasium. Girls had a blast. Saturday we spent a lot of time painting and drawing pictures. According to Kate, she's now an artist (because she paints). Too cute. Now, it's Sunday, and we're watching the Disney trip on DVD that Grammie made. This is our third viewing. It's really making me want to go back to Disney World! We're currently looking for sponsors. I think later we'll do some baking, and then tomorrow is the doc appt and school all day for me and home with Daddy for the girls. Maybe there's a movie he can take them this might be his last Monday to do so!!!

Whew! That was a CLOSE one!

So, last night, Delaney came up from the basement and got a pair of scissors. Pete asked her what she was doing with them, and she (of course) said "nothing." She did mention something about needing to use them in the basement. Pete continued to pry, and she then said that she wanted to bring the scissors to the basement to cut her hair off like Azula does (in Avatar). Well, Pete explained to her that she can't do that, that there are special people that will do that for her, like Donna. Thank goodness that Pete kept talking to her about it, and asking her to explain in more detail...otherwise, I'd have a much better story, some pictures, and be one pissed off mom!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Kate Sleeping Last Night

Kate looked so cute last night when she was sleeping with her Hobbes, that I couldn't help but take pictures...the flash woke her up enough for her to sit up, fall asleep sitting up, and then she was back down...waking up, oh so deliriously, when she heard Daddy's voice.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Delaney's First Crush--Part II

Back in December, I posted about Delaney having her first crush--on a boy named Ethan from her class. Well, today at their Valentine's Party at school, I guess Ethan's dad came in and asked the teacher which girl is Delaney. The teacher was thinking that Delaney had done something to Ethan, and he complained to his parents. However, that was not the case...Ethan made a special Valentine's card for Delaney. According to the teacher, he asked his dad how to spell "love" since he wanted to write "I love you" on the card. His dad said "Well, that's an awfully big word." To which, Ethan's response was "How many letters?" Too funny. So, his special Valentine's card to Delaney instead said "I like you. Will you play with me?"

HOW CUTE IS THAT!?!?! Delaney's first crush isn't one-sided.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Disappointed, even though I know it's inevitable...

Since Delaney arrived 15 days early and Katie arrived 17 days early, we were really expecting this one to arrive around that same time too. Well, today marks 17 days early, and there are no signs of labor. Even though there has been no change from last Monday to this Monday, that was the same way with both girls...No change from 36 to 37 weeks and the doc told me not to expect anything for a while, but they both arrived fairly early. There are no signs of this one arriving early, and every night I go to bed just thinking "oooh, maybe tonight." And, then I wake up, and it's morning and nothing has happened. I know that Birl's birth is if he/she doesn't arrive tonight or tomorrow, etc., he/she WILL arrive! :) I guess I'm just getting very anxious and excited to meet the newest addition to our family. With the help of Pete, I've decided to consider starting my maternity leave early (something I didn't do with the girls). I don't have a plan on how to get to the hospital if I'm at work, and if the bridge is up or I get caught by a train, that drive alone could be pretty horrible! I'm taking this time at home (today was the first day) to clean, relax, do laundry, work on homework, and play with the girls. The girls only have two days a week at home...Sundays and Mondays, so giving them a few extra days I think will be nice. Not to mention, how nice it is for I don't have any days where I can relax or be home the whole day! I need to get back to laundry. I hope to give some exciting news soon...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

First Popsicle of the Year

So, I guess with this nice weather, we've moved up the date of the First Popsicle of the more than two months! ahahah. It's beautiful out today...65 degrees and sunny. Kids got home from school, changed out of their school clothes (dresses), and headed right outside. The neighbors were out, and everyone enjoyed running around, riding bikes, swinging, and having their first popsicle of the year.

Animal Month at Kid's Connection

Because this is "Animal Month" at Kid's Connection, the girls were allowed to bring in a pet for show-and-tell. Delaney did this last year with Coltrane, and both girls were very excited to bring Riggs in today. Thankfully Pete had the day off too, so he was the 'handler.' Riggs did very well, but Pete did have a good, close grip on him in both classes.

Dinner at the McConnell's

Some friends we don't see very often, such as the McConnells. On Saturday we went to their house for some pizza and to hang out. Delaney and Ella have very similar personalities, so that was fun to watch. The girls enjoyed playing some games (Don't Break the Ice), playing with all of Ella's cool toys, watching The Little Mermaid, and playing the piano. Pete and Alan had a great time drinking and socializing. Sue and I relaxed a little and it was so nice to catch up (seeing as we haven't seen each other since August).

Monday, February 9, 2009

Birl Update...Today's Appointment

Nothing new really to report...sadly! Today they just measured fluid and not the baby. Fluid is looking good--measured at a 10, and the range is 6-24. Finally Birl was active during the NST. The past 2-3 weeks, Birl has decided to use the 1/2 hour of NST time to nap, providing very little, if any, movement. Also-his/her heartrate has been low (not bad low) because of the resting state. The past few weeks Birls heartrate was around 130 bpm, and today it was up in the 160's! I'm still dilated and effaced the same (1cm and 50% respectively)...nothing changed there. Doc said the cervix is back and the baby hasn't dropped yet, so he doesn't see anything happening for a while, but is considering inducing on the 20th. Not sure why, since the due date isn't until the 28th. Hmmm. And, although he doesn't foresee labor within the next week (or before my next appointment on the 16th), he has advised me to stay very close to home...i.e. NO school. This really isn't an option, since I am hoping to take 2 weeks off from school post-delivery. I can't afford to take 3 weeks now, and 2 weeks after. I highly doubt my profs would be okay with that length. He's nervous about me getting to the hospital in time, and told me at the FIRST sign of contractions/labor, to "get to the hospital right away." He's basing this on the fact that labor with Kate was two hours, and I only pushed for 2 contractions. We'll continue to keep you posted, via the blog, and some via text or phone call when Birl does decide it's time to meet us and enter this world...

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Proving Freud Right...

Many have studied Sigmund Freud throughout high school or college to some degree. Well, Kate has a way to prove him right now and then. For over a year now, she's been determined to marry Daddy, which is one of the major components of Freud's developmental model in the Phallic stage (the Electra Complex). Well, tonight, she's done it again...she's refering to her Dad as "Sexy." I have NO idea where she learned that term, and am wondering if she knows what it means...but she keeps saying "Hey, Sexy..." to Pete, and it's cracking us up!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Birl Update--Today's Appointment

Since I'm now at 36 weeks, internal exams have started. The baby is looking great, growing (too) well, and since I've made it into February, the docs don't care when I go into labor! Birl has been quite stubborn at the doc office the past 2 weeks. He/she has been so active during the ultrasounds, that the tech is laughing while trying to measure baby and fluid because it's been a challenge. Then, during the NST's when they want the baby to move, he/she isn't! They even use this little vibration/tickle device against my abdomen to 'jolt' or wake up the baby...So, Birl obliges and will give one swift movement, and then go right back to sleep! ahhah. Today they tried 3 times, and still no success. The doc says as long as I'm feeling the baby move regularily, then it's fine.

This week's stats...
Birl's heartrate-around 130-140 bpm
Birl's weight-6 lbs, 10 oz (the exact weight of Delaney at birth)
My weight gain-25 lbs

Doc thinks he'll see me one more time (next Monday) and then is predicting labor sometime next week. He did mention that if I'm feeling any sort of contraction to NOT go to it is a 45 minute drive to the hospital in which I deliver. I'm hoping to make it through this week (which I'm sure I will) because I have obligations every night, including Saturday at school...