Monday, August 31, 2009

Problem in the Boyfriend Department

Delaney comes in crying:
"Mommy, Spencer said he didn't want to ever talk to me or play with me again. And this is a problem because I'm going to marry him. Oh, noooooo, Mommmmyyyyy."

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fantasy Football Draft

Pete is in two Fantasy Football Leagues. Well, let me rephrase that...Pete is "The Commissioner" of two Fantasy Football Leagues. There's one with several college buddies and one with several work buddies. The college buddies league usually does their draft in middle-to late August at our house. It's been a tradition for the wives and kids to come with their dads and hang out and play upstairs and outside while the guys conduct their draft in the basement. Usually we order a ton of pizza and enjoy about an hour break with the guys for dinner. This year we grilled out instead. The draft tends to take a long time, as there are twelve guys, but the wives and kids have a blast, and it's about the only time during the year that we get this group all together. Here are some pics from last Sunday's FF Draft Night at our house. To the wives and kids who didn't make it...we missed you, and hope you can make it next year! And, to Cozzo--thanks for being such a great sport!!! The kids had a BLAST with you!!!

Bradles (Nicole, Nikko, and Mikey), Browns (Robyn, Keegan), and McNamaras (Dolly) Lauren (Brown) and Kate

Nikko and Kate attack Jeff


Having fun with all the ride-on toys

Lauren and Kate (Kate is just 6 days older than Lauren)

Dinner in the fort: Nikko, Griffin, Lauren (McNamara), and Delaney.

Winding down with popcorn, milk, and CARS

And, now getting wound back up with running and jumping

Finally, the kids are able to enjoy the basement

Great Friends+Good Food=Fun Night!

Boyfriend Update...

The following is a conversation Delaney had with Uncle Brian this week...

Uncle Brian: "Do you like Kindergarten?"
Delaney: "Yeah."
Uncle Brian: "So, do you have a boyfriend yet?"
Delaney: Bold(BIG SMILE) "Yeah."
Uncle Brian: "Oh, yeah? What's his name?"
Delaney: "Spencer. He's just a kid now, but when he gets older, I'm gonna marry him."

Friday, August 28, 2009

Rowena at Six Months

Well, believe it or not, it's been a half year since Rowena's birth. I can't believe she's already six months old! CRAZY! She is growing like a weed--. She continues to be very happy and sleeps pretty good. This past week she's been getting up once or twice a night...come to find out that she's been teething and is currently having an allergic reaction to something. She woke up yesterday morning with a nice rash all over her body--very prominently on her belly. The doctor said that allergic reactions like this take 3-5 days to appear, which makes it very hard to determine the cause. We're thinking it might be from the towels at the hotel. All of our girls have extremely sensitive skin (especially as babies), and the use of Dreft (detergent) is necessary. She wasn't able to get her 6 month shots yesterday, so we're taking her back in one month. Dr. Paul wants to give her about 5 days on some meds to help with the reaction, and because of the size of her head and the rate in which it is growing, he wants to give another month and measure it again. If it continues to grow this quickly, they'll have to run tests. As a mother who has gone through NUMEROUS tests before on a that I say--NO THANKS! What I mean is, that I really hope that we don't have to go through that it's stressful, hard, and sad.

Rowena's Stats at Six Months:
Weight: 16 lbs, 12 oz (70%)
Length: 26" (55%)
Head: 45 cm (95%)

She's about 2 lbs heavier than Delaney and 1 lb heavier than Kate at that age. :) Our Chunky Monkey!

Rowena is on Stage 2 foods. She likes everything she tries. She is cutting down on nursing (or bottle in-take) after her meals. She usually has about 3 meals a day, along with one nursing snack and a bedtime nursing snack. She has also been using those mesh bags to chew on apples--which she seems to like. We keep using the sippy cup with water, but she doesn't take in much.

She is now sitting unassisted for longer periods, so she is able to play with more toys. She likes to chew on any- and everything. She loves to grab just about anything--so keep your hair up and necklaces at home. She still loves her megasaucer too, and enjoys stroller rides.

She loves laying on the floor, and rolling around. As soon as she sees something she wants, she reaches and rolls right to it. She continues to use her muscles...getting up high off of the floor on her chest or up on her knees with her butt in the air. She's getting close to getting herself coordinated to do both at the same time. The girl's legs are in constant movement...always kicking, kicking, kicking.

She's coo'ing like crazy still. And, now she's starting the baby screeching. INSANE! She can get really loud, and the girls, especially Katie, likes to immitate her and tries to see if she can be louder.

She loves to be held-especially by Mommy. She doesn't, however, like it if you're holding her and sitting. She LOVES the floor and just chilling. She LOVES her "blankie" which just so happens to be a burp cloth. In fact, all of our girls became pretty attached to their burp clothes, and used them as blankies. When I'm holding her, she loves to snuggle up to my shoulder. When someone talks to her, she gives a big smile, and then snuggles into my shoulder like she's shy.

Paci or Thumb:
She doesn't take the paci...since about 3 months old (about a month after she discovered her thumb). She sucks on her thumb on her left hand, but on her right she prefers the first two fingers.

This girl LOVES her sleep! She takes great naps--two to three a day. About an hour or two after she wakes up in the morning, she needs a 1-2 hour nap. Then, she'll be up for 2-4 hours and then go down for another nap. She usually needs a short nap around 6 or so. She is up for another 1-2 hours and then is down for the night--from about 8:30-7. Not bad. She's been pretty consistent with this schedule since she was about 2 months old. She's gone in spurts of having rough nights--a week here, a week there, but she tends to be great on her schedule.

So...that's Rowena Dale at 6 months. Next up for her: 6 month pictures, doctor appointment (shots and head measurement), and baptism.

I've missed 2 of 6! :(

I thought I had been posting on Rowena and her milestones every month...and going back, I realize I haven't. I could just kick myself! Grrr, Argh! I think I skipped 3 months, and 5 months (the two months she didn't have doctor well-checks). SO-hopefully, from now on, I will be posting monthly on her on the 25th. SOOO mad at myself. I have these long sheets of Delaney and Kate of each month--all their milestones and what they were doing for the first 2 years. And, I'm already slacking with Rowena. In fact, I didn't get professional pictures taken at 3 months. I need to make an appointment for next week for her 6 month pictures. Ahhhhhhhhhh!

So, I'll be posting on her for 6 months...and hope to keep up on the monthly updates.

Her First Week of Kindergarten!

Well--the first week of Kindergarten is DONE! I can't believe it! These past 5 1/2 years have flown the point that it makes me sad, sentimental, and proud. Hm. Crazy emotions!

Delaney seems to really like school...although she doesn't tell us much. She sits next to a boy, Christopher, who was in her preschool class last year and another "Stranger Boy." She also has a new friend, Christiana. This week they've done some coloring, sang some songs (which, of course, she "can't remember"), are learning the letter "R", and working on learning the months of the year. She does great until she gets to July--then she forgets what comes next and usually tries to end the year with November...leaving out her birthday month!

Below are some pictures from her first week, in the mornings before getting on the bus. I know I won't be taking pictures every morning, but her outfits have been so darn cute!!!

Delaney's Use of Words

This conversation took place on Monday (the day before her first day of Kindergarten).

Delaney: "Mom, I can't believe I'm going to Kindergarten tomorrow. Isn't it so romantic?"
Mom: "I know, Delaney. I can't believe it either. I'm not sure if it's romantic though."
Delaney: "It's so incredible! What does incredible mean?"
Mom: "It means amazing, unreal, exciting, 'Wow'!"
Delaney: "Oh. I guess it is incredible. But, it's not romantic, is it? Dates are romantic, like you and Daddy."

This Morning's Conversation

Delaney: "Mom, I'm going to bring Cookie (one of her many webkinz) to school."
Mom: "No, Delaney, I'm sorry, but you can't."
Delaney: "No Mom, really-I'm just going to bring him in my backpack."
Mom: "Delaney, really, you can't."
Delaney: "Why not?"
Mom: "Because, it's a school rule--no personal toys, blankets, video games, or anything like that."
Katie: "Don't worry, Delaney. When you're at school, I'll make sure Cookie is okay. He'll be alright. I can take good care of him. But I promise I won't play with any of your other pets."
Delaney: "Oh, Katie, Thank You. I was very worried. I know you'll take good care of him. You can play with him while I'm gone."
Katie: "Oh, Thanks, Delaney! I will take very good care of Cookie. He's in good hands today."

OMGosh! These two crack me up!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Great Hump-Day Night!

Last night I went out with a couple of amazing friends that I haven't seen (together) in a long time---miss hanging with you guys weekly, NCB and Donnanuska! We went to Chilis in Downers Grove, chewed on some appetizers, and enjoyed some tasty beverages--margaritas for me and Donna and a virgin daquiri for the pregger Nichole. We had so much fun reminiscing, talking about our lives, sharing stories, and talking about what we're getting excited for--future stuff: graduation for me, the birth of Nichole's son, and Donna possibly moving out. Hopefully we can start doing monthly dates again...they are much missed. We are also hoping to have another slumber party in the spring. We did that about 18 months ago for one of Donna's birthdays and it was so much fun!

I got home to some amazing, wonderful, tasty, homemade raspberry ice cream. I was beyond impressed with it. It goes to show what a wonderful father Peter is! He not only cares for and loves his daughters, but he really plays with them, bonds with them, and does special things with them. So often I hear of dads just putting on movies or not really interacting with their children. They wouldn't do things like make homemade ice cream without another helping adult because of the work involved. I'm so proud of Peter and so grateful to him for his hands-on parenting!

So, needless to say...I had a wonderful night last night. Thanks to Nichole, Donna, and PJ! xoxo

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Delaney's First Day

Well, it's Tuesday, August 25th...a day that Delaney has been looking forward to for over a year. She's five, she's going to kindergarten, and she gets to ride a bus. Surprisingly, Delaney woke up on her own this morning--something is only does if I let her sleep in (usually until past 9am)--around 7:15. She didn't argue when Pete and I told her she had to brush her teeth. Then she went downstairs and choose cereal-Special K with Red Berries-for breakfast. After that, we brushed hair and got dressed...and she wanted to go out to wait for the bus--at 7:45. Her bus route starts at 8:16 and she is on the 7th stop. So, we hung out inside for a while, passing the time with playing her DS. As soon as she saw someone out at the bus stop, which just so happens to be across the street, she was out the door! The bus arrived around 8:30 or so and she returned just around noon. She stated she had a great day. They did some coloring, read "The Kissing Hand," and played a little. I don't think she realizes this is a five-day-a-week activity!

Ready for breakfast Delaney on her first day of Kindergarten

Delaney and Katie at the bus stop

The Bus-Stop Gang: Delaney (K), Spencer (1st), Julia (3rd), and Riley (4th)

The two left: Gwen (3) and Katie (4)

Waiting quite a while for the bus (last year we were one of the first stops, and we had a driver who liked to start early)

Passing time, by having Rowena climb a tree...

Getting on the bus...for the first time.

In the bus, she sat with both Spencer and the middle. When I saw how caring the Ruchs were with her; knowing that no matter what, there is no turning back, Delaney is now officially a big girl, no longer my baby, I lost it. I started crying. Good Luck in school, Delaney...I know you will do so well. Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you and love you very, very much! We can't wait to hear about all of your learning, adventures, and fun. And we will always be here for you--for love, laughs, hugs, and tears. You are our shining start. We love you!

Kindergarten Round-Up

Last night (Monday, 8/24) Delaney had Kindergarten Round-Up at her school. We headed to Grand Prairie around 6pm to meet her teacher, Mrs. Vargocko, see her classroom, and get some last minute information. The teacher seems very nice, and Delaney has two kids from her preschool in her class. She can't wait to start school!!!

Delaney's "Take Home Kit"
You're a star in my class=Starburst
You're going to learn so much in school this year=Smarties
We all need hugs now and then. If you need one, let me know=Hershey's Hugs
Remember it's okay to make mistakes. That's how we learn=Eraser
I'm nuts about you=Peanut
The Parents' Boo-Hoo Survival Kit
Tissue-to wipe your tears
Lifesaver-to let you know we are here to help
Paper Clip-to remind you to keep it together
Tootsie Roll-to help you roll with the punches
Tea Bag-to encourage you to relax and enjoy the moment because this will be a great year!

Reading stories with apples and milk before bed

Monday, August 24, 2009


I've said in a couple of the posts below how many raspberries we picked on Saturday. basket down, one to go! The girls, and I, have been enjoying them. In fact, for lunch today we had "Raspberry Cereal." Yep...a bowl full of berries, sprinkled with sugar, and lots of milk.

Erwin Orchards Cidar Mill

So here are a TON of pictures from our Saturday adventure. We had a BLAST! When we drove up, I was a little disappointed, not really sure what I expected. But, the people there were very nice, we had a great time, and really enjoyed the morning at Erwin Orchards.

On the tractor to the apple orchard; there was only one kind of apple ready this early: Paula Red. They're only good for about a week, but they are very sweet and juicy. We all enjoyed one while picking.

The Paula Reds. There were two, seemingly endless rows of trees from which we could pick.

Everyone enjoyed picking apples

Even Rowe got in on the action!

With Uncle Wesley in the orchard

Enjoying an apple together.

Lots of apples were picked!

Time to pick some raspberries...little did I know that it was by weight and NOT by basket. Oops! We filled two!

Two very full baskets!

Even Rowena is enjoying herself!

Enjoying some cidar and some donuts...Mmm, Mmm, GOOD!


Time for the HAY MAZE
Tractor Tricycle Races...Kate won

The girls also enjoyed feeding the goats before we headed back to the hotel.