Wednesday, November 30, 2011

~Happy First Birthday, Charles Peter~

Charlie, our final, our only boy, is one!  He is such a cutie pie!  I am so in love with this boy...but which of our kids am I not completely smitten over?  Here are a few things about Charlie...
  • He's smiley
  • He hates to be spoon-fed, and has refused baby food for months now
  • He loves cheese
  • Does better with a straw cup than a traditional sippy
  • Loves his paci
  • Is taking about 5-6 steps at a time, but definitely prefers crawling
  • Likes to "break out" of the family room
  • Is fast on the steps
  • When he is proud, he claps for himself
  • Loves music and dancing
  • Screams, or screeches, when he wants more food or is mad
  • Smiles and laughs at me when I try to teach him sign language
He's a tiny guy, according to American standards.  He was born at 7 lbs, 2 oz and was 20" long.  It took him about a month just to get back to his birth weight.  I felt like I lived at Dr. Paul's office that month...going in every 5-7 days for re-weighs.  He is now up to 18 lbs and 28 3/4".  So, he's gained almost 11 lbs and grew almost 9" in one year.  He's in the "less than 3rd percentile" for weight and 20% for height and 30% for his head.  Doc said he's looking great, but if he's not above 5th or 10th percentile at 15 months, he will have to be supplemented with Pedisure (this is something we did with Kate after she lost weight between her 15 mo and 18 mo appointments).

Charlie: One Day                                                                               Charlie: One Year

He had his first birthday on Monday, and it was a pretty laidback first birthday. No big blowout party like we had for the older girls. In fact, we decided against a party. With money and time and having too much stuff as it is, we preferred a quiet, family-singing party. We celebrated on Thanksgiving with family: The HenderClan6, Grammie, Poppy, Uncle Wesley, Aunt Leann, Baby Izzy, GAP, Aunt Denise, Uncle Jim, Heather, Ron, Lidia, and Natalia. Between dinner and pie, we sang to Charlie. He enjoyed his smash cake.






Then had a bath.

Then opened his presents.

 The boxes are ALWAYS more fun!  When are parents going to learn--buy yourself big gifts, and give the boxes they come in to the kids???

Our finally PBK chair...
 Mmmm!  Wrapping paper!

Want some?
 Hey!  Look, Charlie is figuring out his chair!  And...his shirt matches! :)

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Katie...Our Bag Lady and Model

Tonight Kate's school had their 1st Grade Performance.  This year the theme was "Go Green" which is also the motto of their school.  The kids wore green, or things that symbolized being green.  One kid went as a lightbulb, which was AWESOME!  Another went as a solar panel and another--a recycle bin.  Kate was chosen by her music teacher to be a bag lady.  We could be as creative as we wanted.  Today I sewed about 10 Wal-Mart plastic grocery bags onto a shirt, but decided to then go with a more "homeless" look.  Katie loved it, and had a blast posing for the camera...



We then headed to the school, where Daddy was able to meet us (THANKFULLY his work break was timed perfectly for him to head to the school to watch) and Grammie was there too.  Katie did great.  Her bag lady song was wonderful.  I captured it on video (so in several months I'll get around to posting it on youtube...).

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Randall...The Henderson Family Elf!

GAP (Great Aunt Patty) was told that our family was in need of an Elf, so Santa had her send one our way.  Well, tonight the story was read and the girls are SOOO excited!

 Getting ready for the story...
And, although Randall told us in his story that we are not to touch him, he told me that the girls were allowed one initial wish and kiss before being put on the shelf.

So, now he sits, atop of a shelf in Delaney and Katie's room,


...waiting for the Hendersons to fall asleep so he can head to the North Pole.  The girls cannot wait to see where he is in the morning after coming back from reporting to Santa.

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