Sunday, November 13, 2011

Planetarium with Uncle Brian

One of the days Brian was in town, we decided to go to the Planetarium.  We usually head to Brookfield Zoo, but it was cold and rainy, and he hadn't been to the Planetarium in years.

We got there and Rowe was ready to play, explore, and show Uncle Brian everything.  When I took her and Charlie a couple months ago, I think there were maybe 10 people--and it was a free day.  This day, it was PACKED!

Charlie had fun exploring:


Rowena and Brian had fun doing experiments...


...and pressing buttons

Rowe and Charlie were astronauts...

Brian didn't fit in the proper clothing, so he was cut from the program:

Crawling in small spaces is always fun...

So is being a teacher to your baby brother:

Gardening can be cool...

We always have fun at lunch:


And just chillin with an awesome uncle...


And, he brought home a yummy (aka, disgusting in my opinion) treat to try:

The kids loved it!

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