Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Henderson's Halloween

We had another fun, wonderful Halloween!  Our neighborhood is truly great!  There are tons of kids, families, and lots of people giving candy.  And good candy! Oh, but let's back up a bit.  Holidays are no longer just a one-day celebration.  No, they go on for days.  Or so it seems.

On Thursday, lapsit (a weekly event at the library where we sing songs and read books) had a dress up day.  On Friday, the girls' school had their fall parties and that night had their 2nd Annual Monster Bash.  The local mall also had trick-or-treating and costume contests on Friday evening.  On Saturday, downtown Plainfield had trick-or-treating, parades, costume contests, etc.  We didn't do all of these things, thankfully.  Our kids got enough candy without all of that.  And, I might have lost my mind.  So, to keep everyone happy, we only participated in their school events, the library, and trick-or-treating on Halloween.

Thursday started everything.  I got Rowe all dressed and headed to the library with the two Littles.  Charlie can't fit in his carseat in his costume, so I dressed him there.  I was shocked he didn't scream his head off.  He HATES getting dressed!  The kids had fun, and Charlie did great crawling around with an extra few pounds on.


Here is Charlie with his buddy, Patrick.

Friday started with the Grand Prairie Costume Parade


Then, a party in the classrooms.  Brian, being in town, was dupped into volunteering in Delaney's class with me.


The Monster Bash was fun, but there were a lot of people, and we didn't get to do all of the activities (as in the games or Haunted Hallways--though Delaney did with her friend, Tessani).
 Doing craft projects in the media center was our first stop

 Then outside in the cold for Trunk-or-Treat--this is just a fun and neat concept!  People park in the parking lot, open their trunks, decorate them like crazy and we get candy...a lot and quickly!  I loved how creative people are!
 Then it was pumpkin decorating time.  I kinda lost it by this point in the evening.  It was late, everyone was getting tired, I was hot, it was crowded, etc.  What pushed me over the edge was I told the girls to not use paint, as they were in their costumes.  After getting their pumpkins, Rowe took a little longer to get back inside, and when we did, I saw both Delaney and Kate using paint.  Katie got several colors of paint on her gorgeous, WHITE Halloween costume.  Thankfully it was water-soluble, but, we still had to take 2 wet pumpkins home in the car.  Rowe used stickers.



Monday was sunny and chilly; wonderful Halloween weather. I'd rather have cold over rain any Halloween!

 Hendersons and Ruchs!  We have a pretty kick-*ss cul-de-sac!
 Charlie's first Halloween, and The Fourth Presentation of Dumbo via HenderStyle.
Charlie as Dumbo.  Katie as Giselle (from Enchanted).  Delaney as Yoshi.  Rowena as Minnie Mouse

 Trick-or-Treating in Autumn Lakes.  We go a bit further every year.  We did great this year in that we stuck together, for the most part, and everyone walked the whole way (except Charlie, of course), no complaining.  They had a blast!

After the trick-or-treating hours were over, the church behind our house had Trunk-or-Treat. The Salkas' came over; Katie's best friend Cassie, her brother Sean and her mom, Linda.  We enjoyed the hot cocoa and adult cider as we walked around.  The kids seemed to love it.  This seems to be the new thing and is a lot of fun! My favorite part is how decorated and creative the trunks get!

Katie and Cassandra

Check out the trunks!  Here are just a few...Princess, Angry Birds, and a Jungle

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