Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011: Henderson-Kridner-Myers-Stiglich

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday with family from Illinois and Michigan; four last names, one wonderful family.  Of course it's really not the same when we're not in L'Anse in Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Joanne's kitchen making martinis, eating too many appetizers before stuffing ourselves with the amazing Thanksgiving Feast. 

We had fun socializing and catching up, missing those that are no longer here with us, and those who weren't with us this year to celebrate.  I didn't take many pics of the feast, sadly, but I guess that means I spent more time in the moment, enjoying everyone and everything.

Kridner Grandkids


Enjoying appetizers, and football, before the feast

 Our beautiful niece...who smiles any time you talk with her...however, my flash and red light from the camera startled her.
 The Myers Women                                                                                   The Stiglich Sisters
 Rowe had fun playing in the toybox

 And Charlie had fun emptying the dvds.

Helping in the kitchen
 Rowe wanted to sit in the high chair for dinner since Charlie was napping
 Almost ready for feast time                                               Katie, Delaney, and Natalia enjoyed coloring
 Charlie and Izzy hanging out

 Charlie had a blast once the table was put away and he had his freedom again...he would just snort and take off crawling

 Izzy had to stretch after her long day
 Rowe passed out
 And, Delaney and Katie, were still in great moods and ready to party even after we got home!

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