Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Katie...Our Bag Lady and Model

Tonight Kate's school had their 1st Grade Performance.  This year the theme was "Go Green" which is also the motto of their school.  The kids wore green, or things that symbolized being green.  One kid went as a lightbulb, which was AWESOME!  Another went as a solar panel and another--a recycle bin.  Kate was chosen by her music teacher to be a bag lady.  We could be as creative as we wanted.  Today I sewed about 10 Wal-Mart plastic grocery bags onto a shirt, but decided to then go with a more "homeless" look.  Katie loved it, and had a blast posing for the camera...



We then headed to the school, where Daddy was able to meet us (THANKFULLY his work break was timed perfectly for him to head to the school to watch) and Grammie was there too.  Katie did great.  Her bag lady song was wonderful.  I captured it on video (so in several months I'll get around to posting it on youtube...).

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Danuszka said...

I love this!!!! I am very proud of Katie for getting so much volume in her hair! lol