Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Delaney wants a new pet...

Well, I guess two dogs are just not enough for Delaney. She is looking for a new pet. This one is widely available in the midwest, especially during the summer and at dusk. That's right. She wants a pet lightning bug. She discovered them (or rediscovered them) on Monday night when we went out to welcome home our neighbors. Pete will be stopping on his way home from work today to get his little girls bug boxes. Delaney was crushed on Monday when Pete told her she couldn't bring her newly caught pet into the house or sleep with him!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

At home afterwards...

After the recital, we enjoyed a nice bbq with some yummy k'bobs, fruit salad, potato salad, and this tres yummy cookie. And, although Uncle Brian has pointed out that the frosting can be viewed as something pretty inappropriate (especially when it's meant for kids), it's supposed to be ballet slippers!!! After a late lunch, we hung outside most of the day, got the slip-n-slide out, and played Mario Party. All in all-a wonderful day!

My Favorite Things-DanceQuest Recital June 2008

The girls had their recital today-Delaney's second and Katie's first. They both did SUCH an amazing job on stage. I was SOOO proud, and quite tearful. Wesley sat next to me and made fun, but was nice and got me kleenex during the intermission, which he had me share with Nancy. The girls looked SO beautiful, and danced so well. I can't wait for the pictures and video. When you're over next-I'll be sure to make you watch it at least twice! Thank you to those who were able to share in today with us. You made it very special to the girls and to me and Pete. For those that weren't...we were thinking of you!