Friday, July 25, 2008

Katie's Obsession with Babies

Katie has always loved babies and dolls...that's widely known about her. Since we've given her the news of her becoming a big sister, she's obsessed with HER being the you foresee a problem for us in February? I DO! ahahha. She's always playing baby, wanting a bottle, and asking to see pictures of her when she was a baby, crying, and in diapers. Thankfully-she's been potty trained for almost a year, and has been sans Paci for 3 months. By the time Birl gets here...we should be okay. We keep talking up her as a big sister, helping out, changing diapers, feeding bottles and bathing the new baby. She's very excited, and being very sweet. This morning she got into bed with me, told me the baby was cold, and covered my belly with one of her 'blankies.' Maybe we won't have any problems transitioning Kate out of the baby position of the family!

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Here's a conversation I overheard while doing laundry. I started crying I was laughing so hard. First, I'll recreate the scenerio. Delaney and Peter are playing Mario Party...and just lost a mini-game to Bowser (who will then, in turn, take all their coins).

Peter: "Son of a ..."
Delaney: "BITCH! Bowser just took all our coins, Daddy!"

At least we're teaching them something, right?

Monday, July 21, 2008

Delaney's Exciting News

Delaney has something she wants to tell you!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Katie's 3rd Birthday Party

Katie had a great 3rd Birthday Party! She had some of her very favorite people and friends help her celebrate. Her theme, which she chose, was Strawberry Shortcake! She had a great time!!! For those that were able to help us celebrate-THANKS! We'll also be celebrating at Chuckee Cheese on her actual birthday, which is Tuesday. AND-her Grandma and I will be taking her to the American Girl Store on Saturday. Katie will be in her own little heaven!!!

Katie's Strawberry Shortcake, Strawberry cake
Her obnoxious balloons
"Happy Birthday to Katie..."
Opening presents

Getting her VERY OWN BIKE!

Finding all of the safety gear
Getting excited while Poppy helps with her helmet
Woo-Hoo! Katie is a BIG GIRL NOW!!!
Paige is loving her ride-on toy! TOOO funny! Katie tearing through the yard while Paige laughs her ars off!!!


Playing Dress-Up

I'm a little sad that the beginning of playing dress-up wasn't caught on camera. Pete and Curt were enjoying a beer outside, while Spencer and Katie went into the playroom. Spencer, I guess, refused to come out...probably because he put on the manliest dressup item we have on...which is a 9-12 month old Dumbo costume. The feet were half way up his legs, and the arms barely covered his elbows. What a sight. Katie came out with Delaney first recital costume on, but only around her waist. Her chest was proudly naked, and she had beads around her neck. I think Curt asked if she was just in New Orleans for Mardi Gras. Spencer then got his own dressup items (which were still a bit small), but the Snoopy and Blue (from Blue's Clues) were more appropriate than princesses dresses. Gwen really loved the Tinker Bell outfit! I think the only way she agreed to get out of it was because of our planned trip to Sunny Delights (the local ice cream place).

Riding and Driving Grandpa and Paula's boat

Here's Grandpa and Paula's house...from the back with their gorgeous addition!
Katie learning to drive the boat-she LOVED slamming on the gas!
Delaney touching the water while we're actually going slow
Total Hendersons! I love it!
Zooming along as Katie drives
Concentrating hard on where she's going
Katie LOVED driving the boat with Grandpa!

Wild hair on a wild ride!
Hey Dad-Delaney can drive fast too!
WHOA! Going fast!
Oddly bright for such a cloudy day
Ahahahhaha...Oops! Went on the gas a bit too hard!

Bringing the boat back in
Katie's turn to feel the water
Hey, Mom, do you see me driving?!
Ready to get back to the house...and the dogs!

Videos of Swimming at the Beach

Here are the girls swimming and enjoying the beach

More of the family enjoying Craig and Paula's beach.

A Day at the Beach with Grandpa and Paula

Although a bit windy, cloudy, and chilly-the girls loved playing in the sand and swimming at Grandpa and Paula's beach! They had so much fun. So did Coltrane and Riggs!

This is such an awesome picture! Vander-what a prince! ahahah...laying with two fans on him after a long morning of waiting for Coltrane and Riggs to come, and then watching the them swim in the water.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Posting Comments

Lately we've received some spam comments on our blog. At first it freaked me out, but then I realized that it was just spam. Because of that, I changed the settings, and if leave comments, you'll now have to type a word verification. Sorry for the inconvience!

Matching Outfits...SO not planned!

I bought matching dresses for the girls and Paige (Nichole (Cordin) and Ben Bischmann's daughter. When I got them, the plan was to go to the zoo together, and have the girls all match. I know some people can't stand when parents dress their kids in matching you cynical people-I say "whatever!" I love it. They're only little for so long, and soon they'll be wearing jeans with holes, their pants down around their butts, tight, revealing shirts and skirts. Until then...I will dress them alike and they'll be simply adorable!

We had the Bischmanns over for grilling on Saturday, and I just started laughing when Nichole got Paige out of the car. They're just too cute!


Our neighbors across the street throw a HUGE annual 4th of July party. It's amazing. It goes from 2-5 houses, with garages full of catered and homemade food, moonwalks for the kids, dj, karaoke, any beverage you can think of, paddle boats, and AMAZING fireworks.

Well, they totally out-done themselves this year. The fireworks put the city's to shame! And-we didn't have to fight traffic-which was a plus, especially since about 15 minutes into the show, Delaney had to go home. The noise was too much for her, and she was crying. The display was amazing and beautiful...and wonderfully long! They even had professional pyrotechnics!

The girls really enjoyed the party...I think their fave part was riding the paddle boat with Daddy!