Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Mother's Day Tea

Every year the preschool puts on a special "tea" for the mom's as a Mother's Day celebration.  The kids escort their moms to a room with a little card and sing some songs. Then we have cookies and lemonade (so, as Rowena says, "We didn't even have tea"). The kids give their moms a little hand made gift, and we leave.

 With her friend, Chloe (who just so happens to be a little sister of a boy that was in Kate's preschool class.  It was funny to see her mom again, since we were pregnant at the same time while Kate and her son were in preschool together)

 With her teachers, Mrs. Lewis and Mrs. Haan

Small, simple, and awesomely adorable! It's hard for me not to tear up...even it being my 3rd kid, 5th Mother's Day Tea.

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