Sunday, February 21, 2010

Happy (Early) Birthday to Rowena

Okay, she still has about four more days until she turns one...but she doesn't really know that, right? We have always put down big spreads of gifts for the girls for their first birthdays, however, Rowena really does not need a thing! She has four pair of shoes that look almost brand new, tons of clothes, more than enough toys (some that we will be getting out for her soon). And, her first birthday is on a Thursday--which just so happens to be a very busy day for us--dance for Kate in the morning, gymnastics for Kate and dance for Delaney in the afternoon, and then Peter is on-call. And, since we're not celebrating her birthday with friends and family until March 7th, we figured we'd get a jump-start on the gift giving...and more so because I just couldn't hold out any longer. Rowe finally has her own chair!!!

We think she actually knew it was hers! She climbed right in, and is going only to her chair. So cute, so smart.

Our three girls in the Pottery Barn Kid chairs
The chairs all ready to go for game time

Baby In A Box

Oh, if parents would only get smart and buy themselves gifts that come in large boxes, they would make everyone happy...nice big gift for mom and/or dad, and one giant box for baby to play in for hours and be happy, happy, happy...

...after three children, Peter and I are still buying THEM the large presents in large boxes...we haven't learned, we haven't learned.

Delaney's New Glasses

We went to the mall today in hopes to get Katie's eyes checked for Kindergarten. Man, I didn't think I was ready for Delaney to go to school...but Kate seems so much smaller and younger. Well, the place didn't have any openings, which I'm not surprised, as it is a weekend. Anyway, since Delaney has lost BOTH set of glasses in less than a year, darn it, we got her two new pair. Only one was ready today...

We ended up spending over two hours at the mall. After we put in the "order" for the glasses, we let the kids play in the play-area, then we went to the little puppy place, had some lunch, then to the Disney store, had some very tasty frozen yogurt, and then to GameStop (where Katie got a $6 Teen Titans game). Delaney told me while at the mall: "Mom, I really like the mall. I think we should come here every day. There's so much to do here. It's more fun than video games." ahahahah...Of course, if you can notice in the picture, as soon as we were home, the DS was out and on! I told her she can like several things and she doesn't have to "rank" them all the time.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Rowe's New Ride and Long Day

Rowena's day started out as every Friday morning...a bottle, some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and some banana and cheerios. But, since she's been sick for over two weeks, she had a re-check at the doctor's at 10. After taking Kate to school and a very short nap, Rowe was able to experience for the first time, her BIG GIRL carseat...and face forward--and see the T.V. Not sure if she didn't like the change overall, or just the fact that she was in this huge seat with her winter coat and hat on...
She found her blankie and got all snugglie and enjoyed watching Shrek.
Then, at the doctor's office, she had fun "talking" with everyone in the waiting room. The Doc checked her out and after five days on steriods and 3x's daily nebulizer treatments, Rowe's chest isn't sounding any he ordered an x-ray.
We picked up Katie from school and then home to meet Delaney off the bus and lunch. Rowe wasn't able to take a second nap, but not sure why. On our way to St. Joe's, it was warmer out, so I decided not to bundle her up so much...and she seemed more comfy in her chair.
In fact, she got so comfy, that she slept on the way to the hospital.
And was so tired, she didn't even wake up for the transfer to the stroller or while waiting for the x-ray.

She did, however, wake up for the x-ray in the "electric chair" aparatus! Not pictured: Rowe's arms strapped up above (you can see where the black velcro straps are). Doesn't that just look awful!? I can imagine Rowe's thoughts..."Mom, how can you do this to me? I was sleeping so nicely! Why? And, you're even taking pictures of this torture!!! Bad mommy!"

We don't know the results of the x-ray, but I'm sure if it was significant, the Doc would've called. She goes back in on Monday morning...after being on steroids for seven days, antibotics now and increased neb treatments. Our poor baby has had so many lung issues in just one short year! Bronchitis 3 times, colds, H1N1, and now this...Poor baby...

Rowena...Night and Day

Here is Rowena on Thursday night with her night time bottle... And here is Rowena on Friday morning, chillin', watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
Not much of a change, huh?
Think she's ready for her own chair? Just FIVE more days!!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Playdate At The Mac's

On Friday after school and lunch, we headed over to the McNamara's house for a playdate. They moved in early December, and we hadn't seen their new place yet. The girls had a BLAST! Lauren was very excited to have two girls to play with...even Delaney played "girly" things. After a while, I think Danny got bored, so he put on Star Wars, Episode I and that ended the playing...for a while. Everyone relaxed with animal crackers and goldfish and watched for about 45 minutes or so. Danny and Lauren had a lot of fun with Rowena in the house too. After playing upstairs in their big bedrooms and in the playroom in the basement, and after watching part of Star Wars, they found the BEST GAME EVER...sliding down the stairs on pillows into a bunch of blankets. I think they did this for about an hour or so. FUN TIMES! Thanks, Macs!

Watching Star Wars...even Rowe is interested. Rowe had a lot of fun with herself in their mirror. Best part, trying to look past herself. Absolutely HILARIOUS!!!
Sledding down the stairs on pillows into part of their day.

Kate's Adorable New PJ's

Katie has been wanting some new "fuzzy" pj's. Delaney has a cute 2-piece set that is fleece and uber warm, and I think every time she puts it on (it's her fave pj's) Katie is a little envious. So, yesterday I got her this sleeper and she loves it! On the hanger it looked huge, so it surprised us that it fit. She's getting taller, that's for certain, but she's still just a little peanut.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

We're not big on celebrating Valentine's Day, but the girls love ANY holiday! What I wonder is when did Valentine's Day become the Halloween of winter? Seriously, both Delaney and Kate came home from their school parties with bags filled with tons of candy. Couldn't believe it! I think we're set through Easter, and beyond!

Here are some pictures of our celebration at home.

The girls gifts: wooden squares with their initials and bows for their hair Our Valentine's donuts from the bakery...and one is a heart. Awwwww...
Rowena sporting her new cute
Katie excited for her party at school on Friday. She loves her Christmas dress and was happy to wear it again, but was VERY happy with her hair...curly pigtails.
Happy Valentine's Day, Everyone!

Baby Girl Loves Big Food

Our baby girl loves to eat! Her fave thing is apples...whole ones. Kate is a big apple eater (about one-two a day) and then Rowe is by her side until it's gone. Thankfully Katie shares well, but as soon as Kate puts it down--Rowe has it in her hands and mouth.
Rowe loves to share too...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Our Couples' Vacation to Winter Park, Colorado

Peter and I just returned from a wonderful 4-day vacation in Winter Park, Colorado with Ryan and Julie Dillingham. They (the Dillinghams) have been planning this vacation for about 6-12 months with another couple who had to back out just a few weeks before departure. So...we were asked if we would want to go. We couldn't say no to the wonderful deal! Time to pay them back for the condo and free airfare!!!
Here are a ton of pictures from our WONDERFUL vacation. Of course, the pictures from my small camera do NOT do the beauty and awe any justice! It was so relaxing and fun. Although we're all glad to be home...this is something which I'm really looking forward to doing again in the future!

We left Friday morning around 6 a.m. and arrived in Denver around 10 or so. We got our bags and rental car and headed to Winter Park...about an hour (or so) drive from Denver. We were a bit early to our condo, so we stopped at Randy's for lunch and then hit the grocery store (where Ryan and I bought awesome neon pinkish chapstick that Julie just LOVED). We headed back to the condo, checked in, and fell in love. We hung out for a while and relaxed. Then Peter made chicken-fajita quesadillas and we enjoyed some margaritas. Afterwards we relaxed in the hot tub with some wine and played (Heath Bar) poker (at which I am HORRIBLE).

Our Condo The kitchen fireplace
The kitchen table
The kitchen
The family room: Ryan and Peter chillin' and trying to figure out the TV. A few minutes after this picture was taken, Peter took all the cords out of the TV, and had to completely re-configure it all. We were all laughing.
The family room TV and corner fireplace. Through the window is the kitchen.
The stairs: going down to the front door, or down again to the garage, spare bedroom, bathroom, and path to our private hot tub. Up to two other bedrooms, two bathrooms, and the laundry. Oh, and going up and down these stairs in that altitude was breath-taking. Literally! It took our breath away; we were so winded.
Spare bedroom in the downstairs: Twin bunk beds, full bed, and private full bathroom.
Master bedroom (Dilly's room)
Second bedroom upstairs (Our room).
Peter making some yummy quesadillas for dinner---chicken fajita with margaritas!
Ryan and Peter doing the cooking. So nice!
Yum! Dinner is ready.
Uh, oh! Breaking out the "Daisy Don'ts" the first night...and for dinner.
Ryan wondering why they invited us on this trip...ahahhahah
Julie and I at dinner. And, no, we did not all plan to wear white shirts! ahhaha
On Saturday we slept in, as much as parents can. Then we headed over to the mountain (Julie and I unsure of what we were going to, take snowboard lessons, or just hang out). Peter and Ryan were ready to go! Julie and I ended up renting our gear and heading out on the mountain after a DELISH soup in a bread bowl for lunch, while Peter and Ryan ate chilli atop the mountain. Peter took his time re-teaching me how to ski (as I've only gone twice in my life...and the last time was about 13 years ago). He was (thankfully) so patient with me. By the end of the day, I was cruisin' and LOVING it! Thankfully Peter took some longer runs with Ryan earlier that day. Because the rest of the day he was with me on the "baby" runs. We ended the day at Randy's (the bar and grill near our condo) after I did some homework. We met Ryan and Julie up there for the Illini-MSU game (Illini won). We had some tacos, some cocktails, and headed home to bed.

Peter and I outside the condo

Julie and I, ready to go to "The Village" (base of Winter Park Mountains)
Ryan and Peter, both excited to go skiing.
Ready to SKI!
Our ride from parking to The Village

The Village...So picturesque!
Winter Park...just a few of the trails/runs
Me...on the mountain! Go me. This was after I became a bit more comfortable, or, as PJ would say "got my ski legs."
After skiing, my camera was a little cold. But, even we all are at Derailed at the base of the mountain ready for cocktails and appetizers.
Peter and Ryan
The Dilly's
Julie and I
Peter and I...both exhausted. Peter and smart and began to ski to the car!
Sunday, Peter, Ryan, and I went skiing again. Julie's ankle and knee were both a little swollen and bruised. Instead, she went shopping and went back to the grocery store to get ready for the Super Bowl. We skiied for a while--Ryan went higher and to tougher runs. Pete challenged me to go a bit higher today after a few runs on the ones we did on Saturday. After a few of those, we met Ryan up for lunch...another amazing soup in a bread bowl. Then we took the higher lift--to Winter Park, elevation: 10,700. Then I freaked out a little. It took me a while to get down the first steep slope, but then I was fine. We had a great day and ended with a SAINTS win in the Super Bowl over the Colts and then a short stint in the hot tub.
Peter on the lift, first run of the day
Me on the lift, first run of the day
On the higher lift (my first challenge)
Atop Winter Park: Elevation 10,700 (not the highest of the mountain, just the highest we made it).
We were supposed to go tubbing on Monday and then to a winery. However, we checked Chicago's weather for our travel home (Tuesday) and there were several "winter weather warnings" and we decided to see if we could change our flight. Luckily we were able to--7:25pm on Monday versus 11am on Tuesday. All of Tuesday flights ended up being we just made it home. Whew! Our last day we packed up, went shopping, and then headed back to the village. There we bar hopped: DOC's Roadhouse, Derailer Bar, and Lime Cantina. We had a drink at each, and then ate at Lime. Pretty good, pretty spicy. Then we headed to the airport. It was a nice relaxing last day.
At the base of the mountain, outside of Derailer's. Last day of our vacation.
After lunch at Lime...ready to head out of The Village and back to the car.
So much fun! What a great couple to travel with!

Ready to head home, after a WONDERFUL vacation together!!!
In the car to the airport


The Dilly's: who invited us on their trip and are giving us time to pay them back for the condo and for the free airfare!

Our brothers: Brian, Joe, Wesley, and Leann for their generous Christmas gift (which was to be a night in the city, but we transferred it to this trip).

Nana: who took off two days of work and watched the girls Friday-Monday.

Grammie and Poppy: who took Rowena for the weekend and watched the girls on Monday.

It really was nice to get away from all of the day-to-day choas: work, school, homework, housework, internship, etc.