Monday, February 15, 2010

Playdate At The Mac's

On Friday after school and lunch, we headed over to the McNamara's house for a playdate. They moved in early December, and we hadn't seen their new place yet. The girls had a BLAST! Lauren was very excited to have two girls to play with...even Delaney played "girly" things. After a while, I think Danny got bored, so he put on Star Wars, Episode I and that ended the playing...for a while. Everyone relaxed with animal crackers and goldfish and watched for about 45 minutes or so. Danny and Lauren had a lot of fun with Rowena in the house too. After playing upstairs in their big bedrooms and in the playroom in the basement, and after watching part of Star Wars, they found the BEST GAME EVER...sliding down the stairs on pillows into a bunch of blankets. I think they did this for about an hour or so. FUN TIMES! Thanks, Macs!

Watching Star Wars...even Rowe is interested. Rowe had a lot of fun with herself in their mirror. Best part, trying to look past herself. Absolutely HILARIOUS!!!
Sledding down the stairs on pillows into part of their day.

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