Sunday, February 21, 2010

Delaney's New Glasses

We went to the mall today in hopes to get Katie's eyes checked for Kindergarten. Man, I didn't think I was ready for Delaney to go to school...but Kate seems so much smaller and younger. Well, the place didn't have any openings, which I'm not surprised, as it is a weekend. Anyway, since Delaney has lost BOTH set of glasses in less than a year, darn it, we got her two new pair. Only one was ready today...

We ended up spending over two hours at the mall. After we put in the "order" for the glasses, we let the kids play in the play-area, then we went to the little puppy place, had some lunch, then to the Disney store, had some very tasty frozen yogurt, and then to GameStop (where Katie got a $6 Teen Titans game). Delaney told me while at the mall: "Mom, I really like the mall. I think we should come here every day. There's so much to do here. It's more fun than video games." ahahahah...Of course, if you can notice in the picture, as soon as we were home, the DS was out and on! I told her she can like several things and she doesn't have to "rank" them all the time.

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