Saturday, February 20, 2010

Rowe's New Ride and Long Day

Rowena's day started out as every Friday morning...a bottle, some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and some banana and cheerios. But, since she's been sick for over two weeks, she had a re-check at the doctor's at 10. After taking Kate to school and a very short nap, Rowe was able to experience for the first time, her BIG GIRL carseat...and face forward--and see the T.V. Not sure if she didn't like the change overall, or just the fact that she was in this huge seat with her winter coat and hat on...
She found her blankie and got all snugglie and enjoyed watching Shrek.
Then, at the doctor's office, she had fun "talking" with everyone in the waiting room. The Doc checked her out and after five days on steriods and 3x's daily nebulizer treatments, Rowe's chest isn't sounding any he ordered an x-ray.
We picked up Katie from school and then home to meet Delaney off the bus and lunch. Rowe wasn't able to take a second nap, but not sure why. On our way to St. Joe's, it was warmer out, so I decided not to bundle her up so much...and she seemed more comfy in her chair.
In fact, she got so comfy, that she slept on the way to the hospital.
And was so tired, she didn't even wake up for the transfer to the stroller or while waiting for the x-ray.

She did, however, wake up for the x-ray in the "electric chair" aparatus! Not pictured: Rowe's arms strapped up above (you can see where the black velcro straps are). Doesn't that just look awful!? I can imagine Rowe's thoughts..."Mom, how can you do this to me? I was sleeping so nicely! Why? And, you're even taking pictures of this torture!!! Bad mommy!"

We don't know the results of the x-ray, but I'm sure if it was significant, the Doc would've called. She goes back in on Monday morning...after being on steroids for seven days, antibotics now and increased neb treatments. Our poor baby has had so many lung issues in just one short year! Bronchitis 3 times, colds, H1N1, and now this...Poor baby...

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