Sunday, February 21, 2010

Happy (Early) Birthday to Rowena

Okay, she still has about four more days until she turns one...but she doesn't really know that, right? We have always put down big spreads of gifts for the girls for their first birthdays, however, Rowena really does not need a thing! She has four pair of shoes that look almost brand new, tons of clothes, more than enough toys (some that we will be getting out for her soon). And, her first birthday is on a Thursday--which just so happens to be a very busy day for us--dance for Kate in the morning, gymnastics for Kate and dance for Delaney in the afternoon, and then Peter is on-call. And, since we're not celebrating her birthday with friends and family until March 7th, we figured we'd get a jump-start on the gift giving...and more so because I just couldn't hold out any longer. Rowe finally has her own chair!!!

We think she actually knew it was hers! She climbed right in, and is going only to her chair. So cute, so smart.

Our three girls in the Pottery Barn Kid chairs
The chairs all ready to go for game time


Brian said...

Wow! They are all just too beautiful! I can't wait until May!

Patty said...

What a sweetie!! I'm with Brian, can't wait till May.