Thursday, March 4, 2010

Busy Week

This last week has been pretty busy. Since the last post, Rowena had her first birthday, which was pretty uneventful other than going to DanceQuest twice--what we do every Thursday. Katie has ballet in the morning and then Delaney has ballet in the afternoon and Katie has gymnastics. We decided to not get too celebratory for her actual day since we had given her the PBK chair on Sunday and we are having a party for her later, and I was leaving Friday for the weekend. So, we just had a nice dinner as a family and then had her open gifts from her Nana. She got some cute clothes and a fun Noah's Ark--with which Delaney and Katie quickly began to play!

On Friday I left for Cinci for a 3-night, 3-day workshop. I'm working on getting certified in Reality Therapy/Choice Theory, which is a 5-step process. I just completed Step #3. I had three full days of learning and practicing counseling using the concepts of Choice Theory and techniques of Reality Therapy. I had a wonderful time and met some great people, and was taught by the famous Bob Wubbolding. However, by Saturday night, I was missing the family. I did get quite a bit of homework done, had a King bed all to myself, and had some amazing ice cream (went to the famous Graeter's Ice Cream).

Now I'm back home, and things are some-what back to normal. I returned around 8pm on Monday. Poor Delaney had been vomitting since 4 or so, and said to Peter when I got back, "Daddy, I think I was sick because I missed Mommy. I guess I just needed her home." So sweet--Thanks, Ney! As Peter was helping her brush her teeth on Monday, she lost her 2nd tooth (which had been loose for weeks). Tuesday we were all back to work, but Laney had to stay home from school. On Wednesday everything seemed to be back to normal, but then she got sick again last night after stories and songs.

Rowena is still trying to be on the mend from whatever has been effecting her lungs. She still has a significant cough. Oh, and have I mentioned before that Rowena is taking steps? She'll take anywhere from about 2-10 steps, but it's pretty we're not calling her a walker. Her main mode of transportation is still crawling. We think she's becoming more attached to her thumb (uh-oh!). She's been sans bottle since the Monday before her birthday--way to go! And is enjoying her milk...most of the time.

Katie has not been sick, but will fake cough and say she thinks she needs a breathing treatment...can you say middle child of three girls? She's realizing the other two are sick and are getting attention...Poor girl. She's a great sport and continues to use her humor.

This weekend we have Rowena's First Birthday Party!!! I am very excited to celebrate with all of our family and friends. And also looking forward to having catered Portillos! YUM! However, it is Thursday morning and we have a lot to do before 11am on cleaning, goodie bags, order the cake, order the catering. Oh, and of course Peter and I both work now on Saturdays, so that takes up time. It will all work out in the end...always does. Just the anticipation is exciting and stressful.

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