Thursday, March 11, 2010

Walking Rowe

Well, it's official. Rowena is now a walker! She's been taking steps since the beginning of February. A step here, five steps there. Now, that's her prefered mode of transportation. If she loses her balance, she gets right back up and walks again. It's rare to see her crawling now. And, I'm SOOO bummed! I got her the cutest pair of See Kai Run shoes and let her wear them outside a couple weeks ago--when she was still crawling, and she scuffed them all up. DARN! If I would've just waited, her shoes would still look new. Ah well. She's still a little shaky and a bit slow, but she is still a'walkin'.

Well done, Rowsie! We're so proud of our little walker!


Brian said...

Keep that video recorder close!!!

Patty said...

What a big girl!! Get your running shoes out Mom & Dad.