Thursday, December 31, 2009

From 2009 to 2010, I've Come To Realize...

In the past year, I've come to realize (in no particular order)...
  1. No matter how much we clean, we will never have a "clean" house...or not for another 15 least
  2. My daughters will make me angry every day
  3. My daughters will make me laugh every day
  4. Laundry will never be done
  5. It's hard to live without a microwave
  6. I love when company comes to visit, but also love it when company leaves
  7. I love to blog, and wish I got paid for it
  8. I am very nervous about finding, or rather not finding a job when I'm done with school in August
  9. That being fit is a lot of work after having three children and being in your thirties
  10. That I would rather snack all day long than eat actual meals
  11. That my husband truly is my best friend, and I can't imagine my life without him
  12. Although Peter is my best friend, there's something about having girlfriends in your life...I love all of mine and treasure them all, and in very different ways and for very different reasons
  13. Our house will look the way I want in about 15 years...with the furniture and decor that we want (not that our kids need, want, have)
  14. Our children are a wonderful mix between the two of us
  15. The girls amaze me every day
  16. No matter how much I love my children, I am always ready for them to go to bed around 7:30pm
  17. I love to read, but once I start a book it's hard for me to focus on anything else
  18. I have LOVED graduate school, but am getting burnt out, so the doctoral degree with have to wait
  19. I have met some amazing people in grad school, some of which have become amazing, true friends: Barb, Deb, Maureen, Jen, Ashley, SD2, and Nicole just are a few
  20. I made a difficult decision in 2008 that I still think about daily, and wonder if/when I will not think about it so much, or stop going back and forth on what to do with it now
  21. My family is my life, and family will always come first--something I really admire in my husband as well
  22. That I will always be tired, even though I drink way too much coffee
  23. I'm very traditional, and always will be, despite my liberal, atheist views
  24. It's all one's life is more difficult, easier, or more fun--it's just all relative and everyone has their good and bad days/moments
  25. That after having children I will never be the same...I am more sensitive, proud, and emotional. In fact, I cry at the smallest of things, get angry quicker,and am much more protective
  26. I would love to vacation once a year...for 5-7 days
  27. My husband makes me laugh on a daily basis and is probably the only person that can always calm me down
  28. My patience is something I have to work on, but oddly that is not my New Year's Resolution
  29. I am much mroe grateful than I thought I would be to have my parents living so close.
  30. I love my life, with all of its roller coaster moments. It is filled with love, laughter, mistakes, mishaps, sadness, fun, and wonderful people...

Rowena at 10 Months

Well, on Christmas Day, Rowena turned 10 months old. Only two short months until our baby is ONE! The past week or so, Rowe has been sick. Poor girl. She's getting so big and doing so much. She has a sense of humor at such a young age, it cracks us up! I do this little game with her, where I put her blankie on my head and fake sneeze and have the blanket fall off. She just laughs and laughs, and then, pure genius Henderson, gives it back to me for more. ahahah. We have actually done this game for over 20 minutes straight, which is quite a long try it. Some other things about Rowe at 10 months old...
  • She's still crawling around everywhere
  • Climbing on things
  • Likes to pull herself into a stand
  • She's a pro at eating with her hands
  • Drinking from a sippy cup. Bottles be-gone!
  • She likes to play peek-a-boo
  • She's very picky about her "blankies"
  • She is now holding her own (and has been) with her she fights back, pulls hair, and bites (at times), although we're teaching her these are not nice things.
  • Loves the new tunnel and tent Katie received for Christmas from Grandpa and Paula.
  • Giggles and laughs, finds things funny, and is ticklish
  • Loves the basement and playing upstairs (probably because we pretty much confine her to the family room...or she's in Riggs' food and water)
  • Smiles for the camera and also hides from it at times.
  • LOVES Riggs! She snuggles with him, plays with him, and yanks on him
  • Likes to chew on things
  • Likes to mess with the laptop, if within reach
  • Understands "No"
  • Claps
  • She can say the following words: Dadda, JoeJoe, and Dog
  • Likes music and to dance
  • Likes to watch TV

We thought she might be walking by now, but she's happy getting here and there crawling. She is growing and learning quickly and at her own pace. I get so sad thinking of how quickly they grow up, but at the same time, so proud of the accomplishments and how much they learn.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Delaney at Six!

Wow, our first SIX! Holy cow. I can't believe that it has been six years since welcoming our first daughter to our family. Here is what Delaney is up to at 6 years old...

  • About 44 1/2" tall and 43 1/2 lbs
  • Loves to play video games...The Wii or her DS
  • Loves her webkinz...she has 7 now. She acts as if they are real, and if we don't treat them as so, we get yelled at. She brings one to the table for each meal to feed them, and puts them to bed at night too
  • Rides her bike--like a champ (sans training wheels at 5 1/2)
  • Loves dance--is currently in ballet and jazz (and will perform two dances in her June 2010 recital)
  • She says how she's an "adult" now because she's six...and insists on showering, and thinks her patience and listening has improved since her 6th birthday
  • Loves to be outside
  • Currently loves to watch Teen Titans, Avatar, and various other movies and TV shows (but is still more into animated shows vs. real-people)
  • Loves to draw, color, and write her own stories
  • Is starting to "sound out" words (i.e. she spelled out "Mary Krismas" for a card for her uncles)
  • Loves playing the "number game" which is guessing the ages of the celebrities who are having birthdays during the current week
  • LOVES school, and riding the bus. She gets great comments/compliments from her teacher--she's a great listener, helper, and very smart.
  • Likes to sleep on the floor in her sleeping bag
  • Enjoys watching the weather in the morning
  • Fave foods are bologna sammies, mac-n-cheese, and grilled cheese
  • Is great with Rowena, and wonderful friends with Katie--although they do fight bad at times
  • Loves being a "big" helper, and is great about doing her chores--taking Riggs out for bathroom breaks and cleaning her room and basement.

So, that is our Laney in a nutshell at six years old. She's getting so big and mature. She can't wait to go to school "all day." She thrives on structure, yet likes to be independent and enjoys freedom at the same time. Delaney--we love you so very, very much and are extremely proud of you!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas! (For the Third Time)

On Christmas morning, the girls celebrated for the third and final time. Delaney and Kate slept in until about 7:30 and then came racing down the stairs. Santa left them some Barbies, new dresses for their dolls, animals, new webkinz, and some fun, small toys in their stockings. Rowena received a new Little People bus. From us, the girls got the Wii and a couple games, and they received games from Uncle Brian, Uncle Joe/Grace, and clothes from Nana.

Santa's Loot
Wrapped gifts from Mom and Dad

Oh My Gosh! Santa was here...let's see what he brought us!!!
Delaney grabbed all the animals, and Kate grabbed all the Barbies
Oh My! What do we do next???
Emptying their stockings

I'm tired of this celebration...where's my bed?
Opening up her jewelry box from Uncle Joe and Gracie--which contained a cute princess locket with a picture of Mom and Dad on one side and Uncle Joe on the other! Great touch, guys!
Opening the BIG gift--The Wii!

In their new pj's from Nana, and ready to watch their new Teen Titans dvd in Mom and Daddy's bed.


Christmas with Grammie and Poppy

Our girls' second Christmas celebration! On Christmas Eve we went to Grammie and Poppy's house to celebrate with them, Uncle Joe, Nana, Uncle Wesley, and Aunt Leann. The girls had a blast. We had lots of appetizers, a tasty dinner, yummy desserts, and fun opening gifts. Here are some pictures of our night and celebration.

Delaney, Katie, and Rowena in their Christmas dresses Rowena checking out the new furniture

Delaney went around the house with her "moustache" and a clipboard taking surveys.
Dinner at the "kiddie" table.

Katie giving thanks for her very own DS.

'Tash Delaney with her new Zhu-Zhu pet, Fluffy.
Katie opening her Zhu-Zhu pet, Pinkie Nose.

Opening their Tinker Bell puzzle.
Laughing after her reaction to getting a purse..."Oh Boy!"
Woo-Hoo! A Zhu-Zhu pet play area!
Katie showing Uncle Wesley her new DS game.
Hm...What present should I grab next to eat the wrapping paper from?
Playing with their new Zhu-Zhu pets in Grammie and Poppy's kitchen.

Concentrating really hard on her new DS/game.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Fun Christmas at Grandpa and Paula's

Monday, December 21st--the first day of winter and Uncle Joe's birthday, we headed to Grandpa and Paula's for a tasty dinner, Christmas celebration, and ice skating on the lake. The girls were SO excited to go and disappointed we didn't leave as soon as they woke up! Here are pictures from throughout our fun day!

Delaney and Katie enjoying the "Big Girl" far back seat. Grandpa and Paula with Rowena
Katie ice skating with Paula

Delaney was a champ...if she fell, she was right back up. She did some pretty good twirls on the ice too.
Katie on her way down.

Rowena and I stayed in, and ventured up and down the stairs.

Present time...Rowe opens her first gift (Little People--a fave item of hers!)Delaney gets a new, awesome VTech Game system.
Katie helps Rowena open a gift.
Katie gets an awesome princess tent and tunnel.
All of our girls have loved hanging on Daddy's shoulders and pulling on his hair.
Katie snacking on her fave thing--an apple, and watching some TV.
Blowing out the candles on the birthday cake made for Delaney and Joe.

Rowena playing with her fave toy/pal at Grandpa and Paula's...Vander.

Rowena and Paula dancing
Grandpa and Paula's is FUN!