Thursday, December 31, 2009

Rowena at 10 Months

Well, on Christmas Day, Rowena turned 10 months old. Only two short months until our baby is ONE! The past week or so, Rowe has been sick. Poor girl. She's getting so big and doing so much. She has a sense of humor at such a young age, it cracks us up! I do this little game with her, where I put her blankie on my head and fake sneeze and have the blanket fall off. She just laughs and laughs, and then, pure genius Henderson, gives it back to me for more. ahahah. We have actually done this game for over 20 minutes straight, which is quite a long try it. Some other things about Rowe at 10 months old...
  • She's still crawling around everywhere
  • Climbing on things
  • Likes to pull herself into a stand
  • She's a pro at eating with her hands
  • Drinking from a sippy cup. Bottles be-gone!
  • She likes to play peek-a-boo
  • She's very picky about her "blankies"
  • She is now holding her own (and has been) with her she fights back, pulls hair, and bites (at times), although we're teaching her these are not nice things.
  • Loves the new tunnel and tent Katie received for Christmas from Grandpa and Paula.
  • Giggles and laughs, finds things funny, and is ticklish
  • Loves the basement and playing upstairs (probably because we pretty much confine her to the family room...or she's in Riggs' food and water)
  • Smiles for the camera and also hides from it at times.
  • LOVES Riggs! She snuggles with him, plays with him, and yanks on him
  • Likes to chew on things
  • Likes to mess with the laptop, if within reach
  • Understands "No"
  • Claps
  • She can say the following words: Dadda, JoeJoe, and Dog
  • Likes music and to dance
  • Likes to watch TV

We thought she might be walking by now, but she's happy getting here and there crawling. She is growing and learning quickly and at her own pace. I get so sad thinking of how quickly they grow up, but at the same time, so proud of the accomplishments and how much they learn.

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