Thursday, December 10, 2009

I Want To Be Like Uncle Joe

Katie has become quite the hair-twirler. This is a bad really breaks up your hair, creates split-ends, and thins out the hair. These are things that Poor Kate can't afford. She has very thin and fine hair (nothing like mine or Delaney's). We've been trying to break her of several bad habits, and she's very good about accepting redirection. Her other bad habits are picking her nose (Ewwwwwww, gross), biting her nails (my fault), and sitting on her knees. She's been getting much better about biting her nails and how she sits.

So, here is a conversation between her and I the other day as Katie is twirling her hair:

Me: Katie, stop twirling.
Katie: Why?
Me: Oh, sweetie, you know it breaks up your hair.
Katie: But I want to be like Uncle Joe.
Me: How so?
Katie: I want to have no hair.
Me: Really?
Katie: Yeah, but then how will people know I'm a girl?
Me: I'm not sure. Maybe because you like to wear dresses all the time.
Katie: Yeah, I can wear dresses, and wear lots of purple and pink and pretty colors. Oh, and I can stick a bow on my head.

So...Uncle Joe, you might have a mini-me soon...all dressed up in purple dresses and with a bow on her head.


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That is too funny...leave it to Kate!