Monday, December 21, 2009

A Weekend Well Spent

I was out of it all day Friday. On Saturday, Pete had to work (and was on-call all this weekend). I decided to focus and really get some things done. Well, the house was spotless and super clean because Nancy purchased a one-time 4-hour session with Merry Maids for me. On Wednesday they showed up around 9:30a.m. and stayed until almost 2:30p.m. They cleaned the house from top to (almost) bottom (I didn't have them mess with the basement, as we had straightened and cleaned that). They dusted, vacuumed, cleaned 3 bathrooms, washed floors, cleaned appliances, counters, blinds, etc. The house smelled softly of lemon cleaner and it looked AMAZING! (Thank you so very much, Nancy). So, with the house all clean, I decided to focus on laundry. I did 9 loads in just one day. And, I mean nine loads--washed, dried, folded, and put away. I was pretty proud of all that I did. I always have the intentions, but usually leave the girls' laundry in a basket for about 3-4 days, or leave something in the dryer to be re-fluffed within the next few days. I digress. I also took the girls to my p's for a little, and was able to take in a 2-hour nap.

On Sunday, Rowena was an earlier riser--something unusual for her. She had me up for the day at 4:30a.m. Since up so early, and I had plans to bake, I got started around 6am. I turned around and saw Rowena sleeping next to Riggs on the floor.SOOO freakin' cute! Well, I took her up to her crib and continued to bake. Here's what we now have: lemon bars, scotcharoos, and the following types of cookies: chocolate mint cremes (36), peanut butter kiss cookies (24), snickerdoodles (25), oatmeal raisin (36), chocolate chip (44), and eggnog thumbprints (34). I still have to make the rice krispie treats and the cornflake hollys. Mmmm. I was baking for just about 12 hours straight, but it's a tradition with which we want to continue. SOO delish!

We also welcomed Uncle Joe in yesterday. He was in New York for a while on the set of the show for which he writes: White Collar. Awesome. Delaney and Katie went with Peter to pick him up from the airport, while Rowe and I stayed home. Last night we laid low--we had some appetizers: Bacon wrapped cheese-stuffed shrimp, buffalo chicken dip, bbq-cheesy pigs-in-a-blanket, and cheesy-chive dip, and just relaxed and chatted. I fell asleep in the "sleep chair" (something that Peter and/or I tend to do at least three times a week). Joe and Peter stayed up later hanging out. Now, onto the week of Christmas--we are off to Craig and Paula's today, to see Santa and for Christmas pictures tomorrow, Wednesday Nancy comes to town and we're going to see "Princess and the Frog," Thursday will be spent at my parents, and Friday (Christmas) will be spent at home. Busy, but fun week. I'll blog and post pictures throughout the week.

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