Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tis The Season

Last night we got our tree. It's an 8-footer this year, and nice and full. We put on some awesome Christmas music, drank egg nog, danced, and decorated it. Delaney was SOOO excited, she couldn't wait to help Daddy with every aspect. Delaney and Katie went to pick out the tree with Peter, while I stayed home with Rowena. It was a fun night, and we have almost all the ornaments on. just get the rest of the decorations out (h0pefully Friday).

Unwrapping the tree Excited to decorate...even up high
Me with my girls
Getting out our AWESOME tree topper
Katie's decorating...all on one branch
Kisses for Rowsie
Loving decorating the tree
Decorating way up high
Decorating way up high

Playing GI Joe on a cruise! ahahhaha
Checking out Daddy's beard

The tree...and the mess...


Brian said...

The girls looks so happy! I can remember those days as a kid. What great memories.

Danuszka said...

I have never seen a real tree that is so full! Great job on picking that one!

The girl look so cute and excited. Very nice!