Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas with Grammie and Poppy

Our girls' second Christmas celebration! On Christmas Eve we went to Grammie and Poppy's house to celebrate with them, Uncle Joe, Nana, Uncle Wesley, and Aunt Leann. The girls had a blast. We had lots of appetizers, a tasty dinner, yummy desserts, and fun opening gifts. Here are some pictures of our night and celebration.

Delaney, Katie, and Rowena in their Christmas dresses Rowena checking out the new furniture

Delaney went around the house with her "moustache" and a clipboard taking surveys.
Dinner at the "kiddie" table.

Katie giving thanks for her very own DS.

'Tash Delaney with her new Zhu-Zhu pet, Fluffy.
Katie opening her Zhu-Zhu pet, Pinkie Nose.

Opening their Tinker Bell puzzle.
Laughing after her reaction to getting a purse..."Oh Boy!"
Woo-Hoo! A Zhu-Zhu pet play area!
Katie showing Uncle Wesley her new DS game.
Hm...What present should I grab next to eat the wrapping paper from?
Playing with their new Zhu-Zhu pets in Grammie and Poppy's kitchen.

Concentrating really hard on her new DS/game.

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Patty said...

I didn't know that Rowe was part witch and could suspend herself in mid air. LOL